How To Start A Successful Blog – Blog Strategy Experiment

How a Zombie Story Made Me A Full-Time Blogger

This is not the ordinary How To Start A Blog story. I will map out my successful blog strategy as detailed as possible, and hopefully, this will help you start a blog too and live your dream.

Just like me.

This is the first post I write about blogging, so please, have the patience to allow me to find my voice. I write a lot about something completely different.

To be precise, on the other blog I’ve got 173 active posts. I recently deleted more than 15 posts due to narrowing the niche. I love writing long posts; the average post length is 2000 words, which means I have written at least 346 000 words for the last two years.

And I didn’t include the posts on this blog, my two eBooks and the free resources I offer on the blog.

But more about this later.

I don’t show off with all that. I just want to show you that there’s something you could probably learn from my experience.

But what does the zombie story has to do with all that?

blog strategy

English Isn’t My Mother Tongue

I live in The UK but English isn’t my first language, and I speak and write in English for the last 3 and a half years only. I had my GCSE two years ago, and one of our assignments was to write a story. There wasn’t a specific topic, and the only condition was to be Diary Writing.

I chose to write about zombies.

Don’t ask me how and why. I just got home on the same evening after the course, sat down, opened a page and in the next 10 minutes my story was ready. The words were flying on the paper in a way I could do it only on my mother tongue. I had only second to write words before the next paragraph storm my brain.

I gave the story to my boyfriend then (now fiance) to read it and tell me what he thinks. He said he had goosebumps while reading and almost felt like the zombies breathing in his neck.

He said I should start writing on his blog.

I had no idea he had a blog.

I had no idea what a blog is!

I had no idea that was the moment my life will change forever.

Long Story Short – I started a Blog

It turned out, he had a website he wanted to grow years ago. The problem was he hated writing, so everything ended up in the bin.

A few months later I started writing on his blog, and I still do it, having around 50K page views per month. I started this year strong – with 70K page views. Last month – February 2019 they were 45 666 according to my Google Analytics.

For the last year and a half, I am a full-time blogger working from home and actively looking for ways to attract more and more people to the website.

Now I want to share everything I learned with you.

January Traffic on DoctorForLove

February Google Analytics
February Traffic on DoctorForLove

Why Blogging Strategy Now?

We always have to be honest with ourselves.

Sometimes being honest with yourself could mean to admit you are bad at something else. But it also means to admit when you are good at things.

I noticed that it’s so easy to admit when I’m bad at something, but I actively avoid admitting I am good at whatever.

I want to change that.

Meaning, I must admit I am good at attracting traffic to my blog. I am not brilliant at it, and there is so much more I should and will learn. But at this point, I am good at attracting traffic to my posts.

The niche of the other blog is not a popular one. I write about love and relationships and if you know anything about blogging you will know – it’s almost impossible to attract huge traffic on a relationship blog.

The second reason I must admit I am good in bringing people to the blog is that I did it without taking any courses. In anything. Ever. Up until this moment, I didn’t take any Pinterest or How To Start a Blog course. I was a self-learner, and this means – I tried and failed in many things. But I succeed in many other too.

It’s unbelievable how many times I crashed the website and it survived only because I had backups of it.

Blogging Is Constant Learning

There isn’t One-Way to making your blog popular. It’s all about learning what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s one experiment after another, and it never ends.

You will get to a point when things will make more sense, and you will know if a certain strategy has the potential to bring you people or not. But at the beginning is like walking in a tunnel with not even a single beam of light around you to point into the right direction.

All you have to do is to keep walking.

This Blog’s Strategy

As I said, at some point you know what works and what doesn’t.

That’s the reason to open a second blog – the one you’re on right now.

I have a formula and want to try it out and see if it works in this niche too.

And by this niche, I mean – Money Niche, not Blogging about Blogging niche.

It’s been one month only since I started the blog and I don’t have too much time for it. Plus, I am not in a rush. Therefore, the strategy I will map out below is very simple.

My Other Blog’s Strategy

At the same time, my priority is still the other blog – DoctorForLove, as I would like to monetize the traffic and attract even more people. Therefore, I will share my strategy for it as well.

If you are still here – Welcome, my name is Rachel, and I would like to show you how you could create a blog in any niche you’d like from scratch.

All that by sharing my experience in blogging for the last two years and from this day on.

Inside Of Happiness Money Blog Strategy for April 2019

I am far away from sharing this blog with the world. Therefore by the time you read this is at least May 2019 and you could see how well I did so far.

Writing 1 Post Per Week in April

Currently, I have 4 posts on this blog, including this one. I wrote one post per week in March and I plan to stick to the same for April.

Having just a few posts on the website stops me from starting to promote it. Ideally, I would have at least 20 posts before start sending traffic towards it.

However, I submitted the website to Google so it could start ranking and “counting months”. As you may know, Google doesn’t favour new blogs, and it takes loads of time to notice you. Therefore, the moment I created the website I went on Google Console and submitted my sitemap. I am not worried that Google will send anyone toward the blog anytime soon and they will end up on empty pages.

Every post I write must be 2000 words or more

The average post length of a successful blog is over 1800 words, and the tendency is – it will keep growing. The reason I need to keep every post as long as possible is that blogging is the most popular way to start earning extra money lately. No matter if people start blogs and they stop maintaining them after a half year, the Internet is cluttered with content, and I have to compete with not only the active ones but the abandoned websites too.

On top of that, longer posts mean better quality (at least it should be like that). People might not love reading mile-long posts, but they love squeezing as much information as possible from one place only. I am not afraid that I will burn out of topics as my content strategy keeps me having at least 20 posts ideas active all the time. (Yes, I will share this strategy too later on in another post)

80% of The Posts Will Come With an Additional Free Resource


I love them.

You love them.

Everybody loves them.

They are an essential part of my email list-building and a great way to bond with my visitors.

Therefore, for now, 80% of all articles come with a free resource – simply freebie to download and use. This should be easy to do as when the subject is money; I could always create a summary, Excel Tables, Printable. 2 out of the 3 money-related posts I currently have on the blog come with Free Printables.

Creating Social Media Profiles

In April I should create all social media profiles. I already have a Pinterest account, but nothing else. My goal for April is to catch up on the other media too.

Pinterest Strategy for April – Beginner Level

I have 62 followers by this date (26th of March, 2019)

I do not have 20 posts yet, so I do not promote the website. However, this doesn’t mean I cannot start building an audience.

Therefore, I currently repin other people’ posts and create Pinterest Boards. I should do this few times a week until the time to get serious with Pinterest come.

Growing Pinterest is hard at the beginning. I am not putting too much effort into it yet, so ideally; I would like to have 100 followers by the end of April.

Summary of Inside Of Happiness April Goals:

  • 4 more posts – 2000 words or longer
  • Creating Free Resources/Printables for 3 of them (at least)
  • Pinterest Beginner Strategy – Building an audience – getting to 100 followers.

DoctorForLove Blog Strategy for April 2019

There are a few things that I plan for DoctorForLove, and I’m not ready to talk about yet.

However, what I could talk about is a content strategy.

DoctorForLove had a section dedicated to the most private part of a relationship – intimacy.

The posts were extremely popular and brought loads of traffic. However, Google AdSense bots don’t make a difference between quality content and… well, not so high-quality content. They detect certain words, and because of that, they restrict ads on the posts with these words.

My focus shifts towards monetising the blog and I need to monetise every single page on it. I had to make a tough choice to either risk my website’s reputation in front of Google and have more traffic or to sacrifice the traffic and fight for better ranking.

I chose the latter.

In March I deleted over 15 posts from the website, which caused a drop in traffic. Some of my best-performing articles on Pinterest and Google had to go. I created a few similar posts and redirected the traffic to them. However, many of the posts cannot be transformed into anything, so I redirected them to the homepage or any other page.

It will take a while to catch up on traffic.

Plus, I had to come up with something new.

Opening a New Category

Mental health, self-love, self-improvement, motivation, inspiration, self-esteem… should I go on?

I read books on these topics since I could remember, so it sounds logical redirecting myself towards this niche too. On top of that, life taught me more than a few things too.

Initially, I wanted to create a separate blog dedicated to Self-Improvement and creating a better life. After having to delete a whole section from DoctorForLove though, I decided it would be better to replace it with something.

Writing 2 Posts Per Week

Since the beginning of the year, I write two posts per week.

One of them is for the Monday Motivation Category – these are short motivational posts. Sometimes they include Youtube videos, short stories and book paragraphs. I love working on these posts as I don’t have limits of the type of the content as long as it’s motivational.

Even better, they take less than an hour to prepare, and that saves me time.

I publish one long post every Thursday. The rule of 2000 words stays here as well. It’s important to stick to it as the Monday Motivation posts are usually very short. My last Thursday’s post was over 7000 words and I will create a freebie out of it too.

1 Free Resource Per Month

Another thing I started this year.

Every month I have to create 1 free resource for DFL. It could be printable, free eBook, even love coupons (February’s Freebie). As I mentioned, having an additional free resource is an easy way to gain subscribers, and they go very well on Pinterest.

Email Newsletter

So far I was sending only one email monthly to my subscribers. I started building email-list in the middle of 2018 (too late, I know). I currently have 415 subscribers and it’s time to get serious about email marketing too.

My goals for April is to start sending weekly emails with the latest posts. I know that some of the people will unsubscribe and that’s the other reason I want to be more consistent. I don’t need to keep a list of people who prefer not to receive emails from me. Consistent emails will narrow the list down to only those who actually enjoy reading my posts.

Summary of Aprils’ DFL Goals:

  • 4 Monday Motivation Posts
  • 4 posts – 2000 words at least
  • 1 Free Resource
  • 4 emails to subscribers

The End

I know all this might sound as insignificant information and if it did to you – I apologise for wasting your time.

However, if you are a new blogger or you’ve been blogging for a while with no success, this could give you some new ideas on what to do next and what could work for you too.

After all, this is just the beginning of everything, and hopefully, next time you visit this blog, I will have another success story to tell you.

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