20 Ingenious Ways To Increase Blog Traffic Without Writing New Content

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Effortless Ways to boost up blog traffic that won’t cost you a dime

Writing new content to increase blog traffic is an absolute necessity if you want to have a future as a blogger.

But here’s the thing.

No matter how productive we are as bloggers, we aren’t content producing machines, and we often burn out.

There’s so much to consider. 

It isn’t only “writing what you’re passionate about.”

There’s also:

  • writing on a topic people care about
  • keyword research
  • editing
  • photos
  • pins
  • interlinking
  • outbound links
  • affiliate linking
  • headings and SEO optimizing
  • marketing research
  • answering questions
  • and more…

That simple list above could take the fun out of writing very fast.

But we follow the rules.

Because following those rules brings us the eyeballs, and the click, and the sales, and the ad revenue.

 Yet, too often, we end up burned out, unable to sit and produce a yet-another-3000-word post. 

What should you do then?

Can you increase blog traffic without writing new content?

Can you bring more people to your blog if you don’t post any new posts for a while?

In this post, we are going to discuss 20 easy-peasy ways to do that – to increase blog traffic without writing new blog posts. 

Why should you listen to me talking about increasing traffic to your blog?

I’m a full-time blogger, and I run two blogs – this one and that one.

Both blogs combined get over 300 000 page views per month. I work with Mediavine on both of them; my primary income is ad revenue, which means I care about my traffic, and I need every single eyeball I could get.

Therefore, I must be very creative on how I get those page views, and most importantly, I must do it without spending 80% of my working time writing new blog posts.

I love writing content, but as you may agree, things can get a bit overwhelming if you try to produce a new blog post every single day.

So, these are 20 harmless things I came up with to increase the traffic to my blogs without having to break my fingers on the keyboard every single day of my life.

20 Ways to increase blog traffic fast

Repinning and updating old content boosts traffic

Here’s my humble suggestion on these ideas to increase blog traffic – do at least one thing every day.

Ok, maybe even more, if you’ve got the time. Choose a combination and go for it. But stick to the habit of working towards increasing the traffic to your blog daily. 

1. Promote on Pinterest

I cannot talk about increasing blog traffic and not mention Pinterest in the same sentence.

Pinterest brings most of the traffic to my blogs, and I’ve worked hard for it. You could see my exact Pinterest marketing strategy for 2020 here. I will also leave a link at the end of the post if you’d like to check later.

Pinterest said it: They want new, fresh content. 

Yes, writing new blog posts is fresh content, but creating new pins for old posts is also fresh content.

Therefore, if you need a break of cracking new posts out, focus on creating more pins for old posts. You know you’ve got at least five posts you aren’t eager to promote. Why not? Just make some fresh pins and share them with your audience.

Need help with creating new pins? Use pin templates – all you need to do is place the photo and type the text. Yes, it’s as easy as that. 

Check this Pinterest course to help you smash those numbers on Pinterest Analytics.

2. Promote on Facebook

Boost traffic through promotion on social media

I’ve got a Facebook page and a Facebook group for my main blog, and I promote my content there all the time. 

Share your latest blog posts or just as with Pinterest – dig into your old content and give it a chance to attract more people to your blog. 

Facebook has its own scheduler, easy to use, so that you could schedule your posts for weeks and months ahead. Sometimes, I can do two months ahead in less than 2 hours. 

3. Tweet

Yes, Tweeter is a great way to attract more people. It requires a little bit more work than Pinterest and Facebook, but eventually, it brings people. I’ve heard that I should tweet between 10-15 times a day to get some decent traffic. 

I haven’t tested it out, but I plan to do so very soon. 

4. Send an Email to Your Subscribers

Your subscribers are the only audience you truly own, and I know you’ve heard that before. 

It’s true. 

When I notice that I’m going low on the traffic, I send a quick email to my subscribers to invite them to see what’s new. 

Bringing the same people back to your blog creates credibility in front of the search engines and potential brands. They all look for bloggers who have a loyal audience, which means trust and, eventually – more money.

If you aren’t in a mood to create a new blog post, just send an email to your subscribers.

But, Rachel, how to send an email if I don’t want to write anything?

Thanks for asking! Open a blog post you’d like to promote to your email list and copy the first few paragraphs. Paste it into the text section of your email. Press Send. You’re done!

I use Flodesk as my email provider and I could easily copy my last email, paste the new text, brush things up and click send in less than 5 minutes. 

5. Create a freebie 

Note with the word blog on it

“Use what you already have!” is one of the best blogging tips you will ever hear. 

Use the content you already have and create a freebie out of it. 

Do a quick cheat sheet, a checklist, an infographic, or just a simple pdf and add it as a freebie to your blog. This will bring more and more people and will grow your email list. 

It’s a win-win situation, and you still didn’t have to write anything extra. 

6. Spread the word in person

Ok, this one is a little bit weirder than expected, but here’s the thing.

When you meet people, you actually meet potential readers. They can be your subscribers or even paying clients. 

But how do you get them to be either of it?

You let them know you’re a blogger, and you write on a specific topic. 

You tell them your blog’s name, and you wait…

Well, almost.

Of course, you share your passion – your blog. But you also need to make sure they will land on your blog. Just mentioning the blog’s name won’t do the job. 

Here’s the moment when you create your business cards, and next time you meet new people, just hand them one of your cards. You never know how things will go from there. They may never do the last step and land on your blog. 

But what if they pass that business card to someone they know? What if that someone is a potential client? What if it’s a brand to work with?

In this way, you will not only increase your blog traffic, but you will have bigger chances to connect with people even more.

7. Comment on others’ blog posts

How to increase blog traffic

Many bloggers stay away from commenting but leaving a thoughtful comment on someone else’s blog posts is a great way to connect with them and probably get a link back to your blog.

I always approve comments from other bloggers, and I do it for a few reasons:

  • bloggers tend to leave thoughtful comments that reflect the topic
  • when a comment reflects the topic, it means it adds more keywords for the post to rank better
  • Google loves it when we’ve got long keyworded comments under the blog posts
  • I could keep that blogger in mind for a round-up post in the future – they like my content and know about the topic
  • it helps the blogger to get a backlink from me, and if he makes an effort to go through my content and write something that helps me, I will return the favor.

8. Create round-ups

I love doing round-ups. It’s creating content without creating content. 

Last month, in July, I organised two round-ups on this blog, and they turned out to be great. 

All I did was post my topic on a Facebook group and wait for a few hours. 

After that, I simply copy-pasted the answers, created a featured image, and a few pins, and I was ready to hit the Publish button. Both posts are with over 2000 words each. 

Here’re the two blog posts

9. Update your old blog posts

Get blog traffic

I must confess that this isn’t my favorite thing to do when it comes to blogging. 

I honestly prefer writing new bog posts than updating old ones, but it’s one of the things that can explode your traffic without adding new content. 

What do I mean by updating old content? 

What if your content isn’t that old?

Here are a few things you could do to your old blog posts to boost your blog traffic:

  • Improve interlinking – add links to the posts you write after the one you update at the moment. 
  • SEO better – there’s always at last one thing that can be done to improve the SEO of the blog post. Find it.
  • Update content – maybe some of the ideas are irrelevant, don’t work anymore, or you even better – you have a paragraph or two to add.
  • Check affiliate links – are they still active? Could you replace it with a higher-paid affiliate partner? Is there a promotion opportunity for the product?

10. Research new keywords

You might not be in a mood to write a new blog post, but how about researching for keywords for new blog posts?

I could spend hours just writing down ideas for blog posts, and I consider this as a great way to plan content ahead, even if I don’t write that content right now. 

And you know what?

Next time you decide to write a new blog post, it will be way easier to do it if you’ve got a list with options. 

11. Host giveaways with your followers/subscribers

Boost blog traffic

Just doing some simple giveaway could increase your blog traffic a lot. 

All you need to do is come up with the rules and share them with your followers.

And if you need help with the giveaway, use programs such as Shortstack to make your life easier. Some companies manage to increase their traffic by 200% after doing a giveaway.

12. Link to Others

Link to other bloggers and influencers in your niche. 

How is that going to help you increase your traffic?

By tagging someone or linking to their blog post, you let them know you exist, and you enjoy their content. Many of them will take a brief look at your content and probably share it too.

It doesn’t take too much to link to someone, but it might benefit your traffic in the long term. 

On top of that, Google loves it when we link to high-quality content within our posts, so keep that in mind too.

13. Create new headlines

Blogging tools

You don’t have too much time to work on your blog. However, you could always improve the headline of a post that doesn’t perform as expected. 

Too often, bloggers neglect their posts’ headlines. And the title of your piece of content is what will convince a potential reader to click through or not.

If you need a tool to help you analyze your headlines, check CoSchedule – it’s free. 

14. Open your blog for guest posts

Think about creating opportunities for other bloggers to write for you. Guest blogging is still a popular way to spread the word, and just because you don’t guest blog, it doesn’t mean you cannot accept guest posts on your blogs.

It’s another excellent way to establish relationships with other bloggers and exchange ideas and links. 

On my main blog, I’ve got a page dedicated to collaboration opportunities. Get some ideas from it. 

15. Save strong pins

blogging tips

We are going back to Pinterest to help you increase blog traffic fast.

Creating new pins isn’t the only way to gain credibility in front of Pinterest.

Saving strong pins to your boards, for example, will help you do the same.

Here’s how to do it in 3 steps:

  • Open Pinterest in incognito mode on your computer
  • Write your keyword
  • Save the first few pins that come on top of the page – make sure you check them first, though. They should link to good blogs, and you shouldn’t have them saved already.

16. Create infographics for your old blog posts

Infographics are a great way to attract more eyeballs to your blog. Pick a post and recreate it into an infographic. That’s a ready-to-go content for almost any social media.

Add it to the blog post, send it as a PDF to your subscribers, share it with your followers.

17. Optimize your Pinterest account

Blogging and how to increase traffic without new content

Another Pinterest tip: optimize your account.

When was the last time you went through your boards and made sure everything is still relevant?

Do you host group boards? Check how things work there? Are the collaborators spamming the board? Do you see irrelevant pins?

What about your personal boards? Are they all with a description that reflects the topic? Have you included enough keywords in it?

Check your About section. Maybe you could dust it off a little bit, add more information about your mission, add a link to a freebie, and so on.

All of these little touches will add up and help you increase your blog traffic.

18. Facebook Live/Instagram Story

Both – FB Live and Instagram Story could be an excellent opportunity to bring more people to your blog.

Help your readers and followers see and connect with you. Invite them to share, comment, click through. Be actionable and ask them to do the same.

19. Make one SEO improvement every day


I already mentioned SEO optimization is an essential part of increasing blog traffic, but I’ve got a better tip for you. 

Make one SEO improvement every day. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • New blog post title for an underperforming post.
  • New keyworded paragraph to a blog post.
  • Add more relevant photos. 
  • Delete irrelevant content.
  • Check grammar.
  • Add high-quality links.
  • Add more headings  – H2 and H3.
  • Create a video for the blog post.

20. Delete old posts

You probably didn’t expect that one. 

However, deleting old posts has helped me rank better on Google.

How’s that?

This works if you’ve been blogging for a while and already have a good pile of blog posts. 

Many of them, probably the ones you wrote at the beginning, might be irrelevant, unresearched topics, poorly written blog posts. Go through them and if you see that they don’t have any future on your blog, consider deleting them.

HOWEVER, never delete a blog post without redirecting its URL first. This is a very easy guide on how to do 301 redirects on your blog posts.

Also, before completely deleting the content, think if it won’t fit as a separate heading in another post. This would be a great way to optimize another blog post and add more content without having to write it from scratch.

That’s all!

Make it a habit to do at least one thing every day. Small daily improvement, over time, will help you increase blog traffic even if writing isn’t your passion at the moment.

On a side note, producing new content frequently and consistently is the best way to create that curve in the Analytics we all crave to see.

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