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A Roadmap To Me And This Blog

There is one thing you and I are in a never-ending search of.

We wake up in the morning and go through our productive (or okay-ish) morning routine.

We hustle through the day and try to tick off every single task on our long to-do lists.

We rush back home, we cook, clean, read, write, sing, dance, think and overthink, dream and cry over stuff, watch TV or refuse to watch TV; write in our journals, paint on our canvases, shape with our hands… wish with our hearts.

Did you guess what’s that one thing we are constantly reaching for?

Is it happiness?


It’s the spark of self-satisfaction that is just a second away from the moments we touch happiness.

It’s the feeling we did our best, we overcame, we finished, we created, we succeeded, we made someone proud, we gave and received love…

Welcome! I’m Rachel, and this is my sacred place that teaches you how to have a glimpse of this self-satisfaction daily, without getting overwhelmed.

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of struggles, just like you. Yet, somewhere there, while pedaling through the mud life often throws at us, I found out that… self-satisfaction isn’t a to-do list, and happiness isn’t a place I must get to.

They are both dependant on my daily actions, my intentions and my effort.

And all of those are in my control. They are in your control too.

Here, I invite you to join me on the journey of your self-acceptance and doing-what-is-in-your-control as roads to happiness.

Where should you start?

If you’d like to place your food in the fridge, you often must find space in it, right? What if there’s no space in your fridge, though? Well, you might want to empty it. How do you do it? You take a close look at everything that’s in it; you might even smell it, poke it and lick it (not necessary, but it happens), and then throw it away. Now, you have a clean (hopefully) fridge ready to accept the fresh food you will use to craft delicious meals you will enjoy.

I won’t send you to clean your fridge, but I encourage you to leave behind whatever doesn’t serve you – the habits, patterns of behavior, and old beliefs that stop you from blooming and shining.

The first place you might enjoy stopping by is the 21 habits I encourage you to quit this year, asap if possible.

Once you have a clear mind, it’s time to choose where to focus it, so go ahead and check the top 10 habits that will make a difference for you as soon as you start implementing them into your life.


Now, set up your goals (here are the reasons you cannot proceed without having goals) and choose any of these 7 juicy guides packed with incredible tips (over 400 to be precise) to hold your hand through your life transformation.

Hey, don’t forget to look after yourself (here’s a 30-Day self-care challenge to make you love your life again) and to learn how to enjoy your own company.

Need to get more organized? I give you 5 time management systems you could start using right now and get things done, and 70 ways to get your life together (yes, that many!)

With deep gratitude in my heart, I wish you a mindful and productive trip around this blog.

More about me!

Wow, you actually want to know something about me. Thanks!

I’m in my early 30s; I live in Eastern Europe with my fiance and a very naughty Cane Corso puppy.

I am obsessed with journals (therefore, I even wrote a post of 110 different journals one might have). My latest passion is exploring productivity and striving to make the most out of my days.

The quote that describes me best would be, “Everything seems impossible until it’s done!”. I struggled with self-belief for too long and slowly learned how to love myself, day after day.

I have another blog – Doctor For Love. In 2019 that blog won the Best Relationship Blog Award, and every month helps hundreds of thousands of women have a better love life.

I am very active in my Facebook Group – 365 Ways To Be Your Best Self (join us, it’s fun) and very actively create junk journals (more info here) and collect dust on the shelves of our house (cleaning… isn’t my biggest priority, I admit).

Now that we know each other better, let’s go and start your journey inside of happiness.

If you have any feedback or just want to say Hi, you could contact me via email info @ doctoforlove .com (remove spaces after copying the address)

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