Top 5 Blogging Secrets You Want to Know About Plus July 2019 Blog Report

What are the blogging secrets that everyone else knows and you don’t?

Of course, we will dive into uncovering the top 5 blogging secrets you crave to know.

But first, let’s define what blogging success means.

To me, successful blogging means to attract traffic towards my blog and make money from it.

Is that something you’d want too?

That’s great.

But let me tell you something about this type of thinking…

It’s Not Enough!

What you and I want isn’t enough.

The reason isn’t that we should ask for more. It’s that we should ask better.

I’m a huge believer in The Law of Attraction, and so far, I’ve realised that The LOA needs specific goals – it needs numbers and clear visions of what we want.

To me right now, this would mean that blogging success looks like that:

  • Getting to 100 000 page views per month.
  • Making over £1000 from ads on it.

Top blogging secrets for success with your blog

The Not-So-Secret Formula to Blogging Successful

Here’s the thing.

If you’ve been blogging for a month or so, you are probably very confused about how bloggers make money.

But I want to make it simple for you.

This is what 90% of the bloggers actually do to start making money:

  • Start a blog
  • Write loads of content
  • Attract people through Pinterest
  • Apply to any ad company when they hit a certain amount of monthly sessions.
  • Start making money

That’s the formula I followed with my other blog. I’ve also tried to push affiliate marketing, but the only thing I could sell about love is books, and I found out that people don’t spend too much on reading books. (or I’m not good at selling them… which might closer to the truth)

This blog will be different as I’ve got many options to make money with affiliate sales and I’ve already got a book ready to sell.

The Secret In This Formula

Of course, there’s a secret.

At least for me, there was a secret I didn’t see at the beginning.

Actually, there are few blogging tips I wish I had paid more attention to at the beginning. If you are just starting now, take a moment to listen to what I’ve got to say below.

Blogging Secret 1: It’s harder than it looks

best kept blogging secrets nobody believes exist

You know all those people who shout “Blogging is easy! You can make money from the first month or so!”?

They lie.

Or they did it, but they are the only one who did it.

Maybe what they mean is that they made money from the first month they started popularising their content.

But that’s different.

Blogging is hard, my dear friend.

Blogging is very hard.


Because first of all, you will have to fight and believe in yourself when no one else will believe in you.

Blogging Secret 2: The Eternal Internal Fight With Yourself

the internal battle to believe in yourself

It’s ok if others don’t believe in you. They aren’t entitled to trust in you.

You are.

A hard learnt lesson that I actually still work on: trust in yourself.

You cannot make blogging successful unless you have the belief that you will make it happen.

When things get tough (and they get tough few times a week) only that trust and belief that you can make it work again will hold you.

Don’t listen to others – they know nothing about blogging. In fact, even you know very little about blogging.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other and walk forward. Trust that you can do it. See every problem as a challenge and another step on the lather of your journey.

Blogging Secret 3: Create Content Worth Reading

best kept blogging secrets nobody believes exist

Ok, you’ve got the blog, and you trust in yourself enough to sit down and write a few posts.

Then, you will have to work really hard to create content that’s worth reading.

People are used to reading the same sh*t on every blog. Most of the blogs look the same, offer the same tips and advise the same stuff. The only difference is their names and photos.

Therefore, you want to be as unique as possible. I am aware you and I might be repeating what someone else wrote, but as far as we do it uniquely, with our own words, we’re fine.

Blogging Secret 4: Stick Around Long Enough

working hard and creating quality content

If you pass the first few steps, then it comes the biggest one. You must stick around long enough to make it work!

That was the biggest lesson I learnt about blogging.

The average blogger starts making a few coins after a month or two in the blogging business. The big money, the ones you want and strive for, come way later. Actually, most people don’t stick around long enough to start making any money.

That’s because blogging isn’t “get-rich-fast” business and if you think it is – you will soon realise you’re wrong.

It took me around two years to start making some decent money with my other blog. The reason is that I was learning mainly through my own experience and didn’t take any courses on blogging. I don’t regret it as I manage to find out little secrets no one else talks about and I did it for free. However, I had the time to do it. And many other people don’t have the opportunity to stay home and “learn to blog” by themselves.

The second reason I didn’t have any success earlier was because of my niche. I blog about love and relationships. If you look at any “most successful niches to blog about” article, you will notice the same thing: Love isn’t there.

But, let’s leave the excuses aside and say it one more time – it’s hard and it takes time. You must be focused and determined to make blogging successful — no other way.

Which leads me to the last secret:

Blogging Secret 5: You have to love it

you have to love what you do blogging

I know that many people will tell you that’s very ‘stupid advice.

But here’s the ugly truth.

Here’s what going to happen BEFORE you start making money:

  • You won’t believe what you do all the time.
  • People around you will criticise you and give you hints to get “a real job”.
  • You will want to drop out a run a few times a week.
  • Things will fluctuate so many times that you might think you’re going crazy.
  • You will have more struggles than success in the first six months than for the next six years.

The only way to stick around long enough is if you love what you do.

You will adore it once it starts paying your bills.

But, heck, you must love it long before that.

The month of July 2019 for my other blog – page views

July page views report

July was so far the best month ever since I started blogging.

Everything I said above had led me to this very moment when I finally relaxed my mind and told myself “You did it, girl!”

Yes, you bet, I did it!

It took me two years and three months to reach my vision of success (the one I talked about above).

My page views for July 2019

I was stuck on 50K page views per month for the last year or so. I was banging my head on the wall since the beginning of this year, trying to increase the traffic.

Nothing worked.

I took a Pinterest course in March, and although it helped a little bit, I was already doing 90% of the things in it, so it wasn’t enough.

At the end of May, I tried to get better at doing SEO on some of the posts that already rank well on Google, and I see great results so far.

At the beginning of July, I decided to do something completely different with Pinterest, something I’ve never tried before.

And it worked.

It worked so well that on the morning of 13th of July I woke up at 3 a.m. (my usual time to wake up) to some crazy numbers (see below).

real time users on the blog

125 users at once on the website and 2000 sessions only three hours into the new day!

That woke me up faster than any coffee in the world could.

This was the first day I hit 10K page views since I started blogging.

10k page views blogging day

That day – 13th of July we ended having over 11K page views.

I expected the traffic to go down in the next few days, and it did… but just a little bit.

July was a huge win for my tiny blog – 162 997 page views as total.

Google Analytics Report for July 2019

Just to compare, in June I had 65K page views. That’s over 149% growth for a month.

Google Analitycs June Vs July 2019

Why my page views grew so fast?

Everyone in the facebook groups was complaining that July was a very poor month for them. Why my page views went over the roof if everyone else’s sank?

I wish I knew for sure.

90% of my traffic still comes through Pinterest, and although my Google traffic started growing, it’s going to take a while to take over Pinterest.

As you might know, Pinterest is like Russian roulette: We hit the publish button and don’t know if it won’t backfire at us in a few days. You never know how long you’ll survive there nor if a pin is going to be viral or not. Whoever tells you a different thing – he’s lying.

Taking Pinterest’s moods into consideration, I continuously run experiments. I always try different ways to jump high enough, so Pinterest sees me.

That’s exactly what I did at the beginning of July.

I am still in the middle of that experiment, so I’m going to keep it a secret for now.

However, the two main things I did were:

  • Pin a lot – like 6-7 times more than usual.
  • Creating better pins – Pinterest’s users love creativity, style and beauty when it comes to pins. That’s what I was working on while creating my new pins.

The results are amazing, and I can’t wait to see what August will bring to me.

Celebrating the best blogging month ever

Final Words on Blogging Successful

Let’s go back to the beginning and the blogging secrets you’ve probably already heard of.

Yet, you refuse to believe in.

The truth is, I was exactly like you. And I hope soon you will be exactly like me – enjoying high numbers and thinking “It’s totally worth it!”

Stick around and see what else you might find useful on this blog. Maybe there are more blogging secrets for you here.

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5 Blogging Secrets You Wanted To Know About

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