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21 Habits To Quit In 2021 So You Make It The Best Year Ever

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Bad Habits To Quit in 2021 To Boost Your Personal Growth

With the new year hanging its coat and putting on slippers, we often start thinking of what the best habits to quit in 2021 are.

2020 was an unpleasant mystery few of us would solve, so all we’re left with are the hopes and the plans for a better new 2021.

And how do we make a new year better than the previous?

Firstly, we start with the end of the year reflection, so we properly close the door behind it. Then, we sit on the couch and have a serious talk with the new year.

“Listen, 2021”, we say, “We must make a deal. I need to work on my dreams and goals, and you might want to help me. Anyway, you’re around just for a while.”

“Listen, pretty lady,” 2021 says, “Want to make me the best year of your life? Then how about you put yourself together and quit some bad habits? I can stick around and do my part. Can you do yours, too?”

Okay, maybe that talk was too awkward. But you get the point.

Having the best year of your life doesn’t start with waking up on the 1st of January and writing a few grand New Year’s resolutions. It starts with quitting some not-so-good old habits that don’t serve you well.

And here I am, giving you 21 bad habits to quit in 2021. Why 21? Why not use the number to make things fun for us?

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How Quitting Bad Habits Will Boost Your Personal Growth


We all know that implementing new habits, developing and working on new projects, and learning new skills is key to our personal growth.

However, to invite something new into your life, you must make space for it. Also, you want to have several personal tools that will actually help you build yourself up.

How do you make space for the good? By eliminating more and more from the bad.

Here’s the thing.

I give you 21 bad habits, but I practice probably half of them as well. It’s a constant fight I go through, and maybe you do too. I advise you to quit them, but if you manage to give up at least a few of them, that will still be a huge win.

You can often hear that perfection is achieved not when there’s nothing more to add but when there’s nothing more to remove.

See your habit development the same way. Instead of focusing on adding an overwhelming number of new big habits, go for unloading yourself of some truly sabotaging bad habits.

Ready to explore the options 2021 has given you?

Let’s get to the point.

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21 Bad Habits To Quit In 2021



The load of information we take in one day is more than what the average person 100 years ago was facing during his whole life.

We’ve developed FOMO – Fear of missing out, which is the reason we jump from one thing to another all the time.

There’s a new social media to explore? Millions of people are creating accounts in just the first few hours.

You hear of a new trend somewhere on the web, and you can’t wait to go for it and see how it makes your life modern and “trendy.”

What about that great idea that popped into your head? Let’s drop everything else and explore how far we’ll go with it.

Fear of missing out is a huge thing that stops you from focusing on your priorities. In general, fear is a sign you probably lack some confidence in what you already do, say, or make.

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FOMO is taking you away from your inner world and telling you “look, there’s something really fun you’re going to miss. Drop everything and go after it!”


Stay focused. Stay consistent. Let go of that fear. There will always be something somewhere happening, and you and I won’t be part of it. And that’s okay. We aren’t supposed to be in the middle of everything because that would mean we aren’t in the middle of anything.

2. Self-Blame


Of course, it was your fault for not sticking to your schedule and missing the deadline for that project at school.

Yes, you decided to stay and watch TV instead of taking those extra few hours of sleep and not acting awkward at the meeting with your new boss.

Well, you definitely didn’t do your best on your last first date with that great guy, and now you might never hear from him again…

Blaming yourself is so easy. You do it with the same passion and consistency as you go for blinking with your eyes – it’s just there, and you do it without noticing.

Well, please, notice it.

It’s harder to argue with yourself than with anyone else, so why creating the argument? Of course, there are so many things you could’ve done differently, better, or faster. But you didn’t. Poking the wound won’t make it heal. Let it go, as Elsa says.

3. Avoiding Responsibility

I stack this bad habit to quit in 2021 after the self-blame habit on purpose. It’s one thing to avoid blaming yourself all the time, and it’s completely another thing to avoid taking responsibility.

Understanding that every spectrum of your life exists in the state it is because of the choices you made in the past is the key to effective personal growth.

Taking responsibility isn’t going to change your past, but it will affect your perception of the world and your future choices.

Knowing that your choice of a morning routine affects your day will make you mindful in adjusting the morning to push you forward instead of holding you back.

Taking responsibility isn't going to change your past, but it will affect your perception of the world and your future choices.Click to Tweet

4. Complaining

Complaining, whining and all other bad habits on the same chain must be on your list of habits to quit in 2021.

They don’t help you move ahead with your plans. They keep you stuck in one (unpleasant) position without letting any fresh stream of ideas enter.

5. Negative Talk


In this section I include negative self-talk and negative talk in general.

We are used to hearing that negative self-talk is a self-destructive habit and that’s true.

But while focusing on not blaming ourselves for everything in this world, we might end up blaming and bad-mouthing everything and everyone else around.

For the year 2021, set a priority for yourself to change your mindset. Allow your energy to rise by avoiding judging the people around you and life.

6. Staying Quiet and Shy In Front Of Life

I will always remember a story my grandmother was telling me when I was a child. It’s a short one, so let me share it with you.

An older man was holding a little white bunny in his arms and was approaching the kindergarten. The kids saw him, and they saw the cute white bunny, and immediately gathered around him impatiently waiting for a chance to hold the bunny. The man said, “Ok, children. One of you is going to get this bunny home. Who is going to be?” The kids got overly excited and started shouting, “Me, me!” while jumping around the man. A few feet back, though, Marry stayed quiet and was looking at the bunny with her big brown eyes. She wasn’t jumping nor yelling like the other kids. The old man saw her, and after he made a sign for the kids to stay quiet, he said, “The bunny will go to Marry because she is humble and quiet.” So he gave the bunny to Marry.

I heard that story so many times that I clearly remember it every time I have to speak up or demand something.

You see, the idea of receiving the good in life by staying quiet and humble is great… yet, unrealistic. The truth is, you can be honorable and humble, but you also must ask, or you might never receive.

Don’t be like Marry. Nobody is going to notice your great qualities unless you show them.

7. Overthinking


Overthinking is another bad habit you might want to reconsider bringing with you in 2021.

Overthinking means underacting. Instead of layering options in your head, try to go and do the thing.

8. Ignoring Yourself

Long gone are the times when looking after yourself was considered selfish. Nowadays, you need to actually stop ignoring yourself and search for your needs inside you.

In the new year, ask yourself, what is it that stops you from looking after yourself? Is it some old belief you must work with? Is it because people around you push you to your limits?

Make yourself a priority this year. It’s time, don’t you think?

9. Controlling it all


No, you cannot control it all. And by “all” I mean your children, your husband, your job, the way the world evolves.

Neither you nor I can control anything else but ourselves.

The habit of controlling every step of the day, and our lives is only bringing you down because the control doesn’t exist. It is only an illusion we are in charge of something when it acts according to our wishes.

We cannot control time; we can control what we do with our time. We cannot control our partners; we can only be grateful for the way they act and answer our needs at the moment.

Letting go of the feeling of control is the most freeing thing you could do for yourself in 2021. Let things happen naturally, and enjoy the process. Control only yourself.

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10. Saying Yes When You Mean No

How many times have you heard yourself saying Yes when your whole Self was screaming No on the inside?

Why do you do that to yourself?

Why do you keep agreeing to do someone else’s job when you have piles of yours? Why do you spend the evening with people you don’t enjoy spending an hour with? Why should you take over projects that don’t excite you nor teach you something new?

Stop saying Yes so often and tend to your own needs. There are plenty of things waiting for your Yes.

11. Not Asking Questions


I worked in the finance field for almost 10 years, and I had the opportunity to train many people how to do their job.

After a while, I noticed that just a few of them were actually asking questions when they had them. The rest were waiting for the opportunity to learn the answer without asking anything. Could you guess how they were learning the answers? By making mistakes…

At the same time, my most active trainees, who were making sure they asked when something wasn’t clear, were among the best employees later on.

Now, you might be thinking I don’t really make sense here. But if you are a person who shies away from asking and learning the answers, this is the year to go ahead and do it.

Ask questions whenever you think you’ve misunderstood or whenever the other person’s words don’t make any sense. Be the person who always has a question about your meetings at work. Questions bring clarity, and all you truly need to make good decisions is clarity.

12. Listening to Naysayers

Isn’t it time you say Goodbye to all the naysayers in your life?

They are waiting for the opportunity to say, “I told you that wouldn’t work! I told you you’d fail!”

You honestly don’t need people who don’t believe in you and can’t wait for you to fail… because they’ve already done it many times and aren’t willing to try again.

13. Putting Yourself Last


Let’s see how many times I can underline that this is the year you must look inside you and learn that every bit of success and happiness is already within you.

How do you do that?

Firstly, stop putting yourself last. How?

You know everyone says it, and you really want to put up with it and give it a chance. But how do you put yourself first? Your kids need you. Your husband demands attention. The house is a mess. You work full time… Where do you find those precious “looking after yourself” moments?

I find them in the morning. I know many women find them in the evening. Others are taking naps while their kids sleep, and that’s how they prioritize themselves.

I wake up at 5 a.m. every morning and spend the first hour learning, reading, having breakfast, and meditating (also, doing anything else I feel like it’s going to put me in a good mood). Try it for yourself.

14. Not Taking Risks

I will keep this section of the habits to quit in 2021 very short.

Taking risks is something that gets you out of your comfort zone. It pushes your limits and disrupts the rut you’re in.

Deciding to do something or not is all about the percentage: If you do it, there’s at least a 50% chance you will succeed. If you don’t go for it, there’s a 100% chance nothing will change.

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15. Pushing Fun For Later

Do you remember that place you wanted to visit last year, but decided to leave it for “later”? 2020 excluded all of our “later” plans and taught us that if we miss the opportunity to go and see places, people, experiences, we might not get another chance for a while.

Let’s stop pushing away the fun in life. The best time to laugh and enjoy life is always Now.

16. Being in Toxic Relationships


It doesn’t matter if the first person you thought of was your life partner or your “best friend”; that toxic relationship must fall apart in 2021.

How long are you going to sacrifice your happiness by trying to make someone else happy about themselves?

Toxic relationships don’t just take away your smile. They literally fail you through planting negativity and self-judgment.

17. Not Working For Better Future

You might be hesitant reading posts like this one. Everyone is trying to teach others how to live their lives. Aren’t we all fed up with fake gurus and people shouting, “Follow your dreams!”?

Yet, I have a question for you…

What else should you do here?

Here, on this Earth, living this precious life of yours… what else are you supposed to do? Washing dishes and brushing floors for the rest of your life shouldn’t be the highlight of your days. I do that too, but it’s not my priority for any day.

Working on a better future, dreaming and planning your success, chasing the good vibe, and ignoring the naysayers is mandatory nowadays.

Because… What else are you supposed to do on this Earth if not trying to take another step forward and catch another moment of happiness?

18. Not Connecting With Creativity


Have you noticed that explosion of creativity that happens around us lately?

More and more people are painting, drawing, singing, sewing, dancing, acting, creating recipes, playing… being creative.

One of the habits you must give up in 2021 is the habit of ignoring your creativity. In fact, it is mandatory to tap into your creativity and find that spark inside you. Then, just let it shine.

19. Not Connecting With Your Inner Self

Meditation, journaling, staying silent, drawing, exercising.

Each one of these will connect you to your inner self. Listening to yourself, your hopes, dreams, needs, and inner powers happen only through that deep connection you develop over time.

Stop ignoring that connection in 2021, and choose at least one way of getting closer to your true self.

20. Ignoring Relaxation Time

How many times have you chosen to do yet-another-thing instead of finding a way to relax and relieve stress?

It’s time you stop that.

My relaxation time is in the mornings when I’m uninterrupted to read, write, and explore myself. When is it going to be yours?

21. Prioritizing Failure Instead of Success

The last one of the habits to quit in 2021 is the habit of procrastination.

Because here’s the truth: Procrastination is a choice. It’s a choice of prioritizing one thing instead of another.

When you decide to do something that contributes to your success and don’t go ahead and follow the action step, you prioritize failure instead of success. It’s as simple as that.

In 2021 make success and happiness your priority, and leave behind everything that holds you back. Can you do that?

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Conclusion to the bad habits to quit in 2021

I started with this, and I will say it again here. We all practice most of these habits, and the idea isn’t to quit them all at once. In fact, we cannot give up bad habits all at once. We need time to adjust to every change in our lives, even when it’s positive.

What you can do, though, is create a list of these 21 habits to quit in 2021, and then look at them every single day. Which ones did you let control you today? How could you fix that next time?

Self-development isn’t a destination, but a journey We never stop evolving as human being and we must never stop evolving as souls. Work with yourself every day and very soon, my friend, you will be amazed by the progress.

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