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70 Effortless Ways To Get Your Life Together

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Tiny ways to get your life together one step at a time

Getting your life together is not just a trend nowadays.

More and more people realize that we’re facing more distractions than ever, we have to-do lists longer than ever, bigger goals, bigger projects, and bigger responsibilities, yet, only 24 hours to deal with all that.

As a result, we often fall into self-criticism and self-judgment that we cannot be managers of our own life.

That’s when the term “getting your life together” arrived and brought hundreds of opportunities to stay on top of all the clutter and responsibilities.

In today’s post, we will list 70 ways to get your life together and keep it that way.

Read to the very end as I will tell you about the most important trait that will make the biggest difference in your mindset and your life as a whole.

70 Ways to get your life together

8 Personal development tips to improve your life

I’ve split this post into different categories. 

We need different tips for different areas of our lives, so that’s how we’re going to proceed here too.

Ways to get your life together at home

1. Remove papers and sort them.

Prepare four different piles: take action; delegate; archive; recycle.

Go through all the paper around the house and place it on one of the piles.

Recycle whatever won’t serve you.

Delegate things to your partner where needed.

Archive important documents and, finally, take action whatever is required (call to make appointments, discuss offers, make payments, issue invoices).

2. Remove clutter

Clutter is every pile of things you could lay your eyes on (even when you open drawers, wardrobes, etc.). Create a home for the things that don’t have such (a place you will store them from now on) and donate or recycle whatever’s left.

3. Go through your clothes

See what fits you and what doesn’t. Donate things you don’t wear anymore. Keep only clothes you wear this season and place the rest in special storage boxes or bags (even suitcases).

4.Organise your kitchen

3 organized kitchen tips

Go through one drawer at a time.

This might take a while, but it’s worth it afterward.

Donate kitchen appliances you don’t use anymore, throw away cracked mugs, cups, glasses, plates. Leave only a few dishes, pans, bowls, and cutlery out, store the rest in clear boxes in the garage. In this way, you will have fewer things to deal with, and it will stimulate you to wash stuff regularly.

5. Dust, hover, mop, make it shine

6. Clean your fridge

The fridge is usually the place we really stay away from cleaning.

But making sure everything inside is before its expiration date is important, especially if you have kids.

Take everything out, clean the fridge inside, and go through each item before you put it back. Get cheap glass containers to help you store food better. There are many fridge organizers too, they truly help you get things under control. 

Don’t skip the fizzer. Organize the frozen meat, veggies, snacks, and so on. Find a home for each one of them.

Create a list of the things you’ve got, so it’s easy to write your shopping list afterward.

7. Create stations around your home

4 Creating dedicated space

If possible, create a paper station, a key station, a cleaning station, a laundry station, etc.

A station is a place where you will keep all similar things together.

For example, all important documents go to the paper station. All laundry is to be dealt with in the laundry station.

8. Reduce stuff around while walking

Create the habit to always look around the room before you leave it.

Is there anything you could do for less than two minutes?

Is there any stuff that needs to be recycled or moved to another room?

By doing this simple thing every day, you will soon realize that things pile up less often, and in general, your home looks organized.

9. 15 minutes speed cleaning

Every day spare 15 minutes to clean whatever you see around.

15 minutes of speed cleaning is a great way to get some things done for less time. In these 15 minutes, you aren’t allowed to chit-chat, to look at your phone, or to stop. A focused 15-minute cleaning marathon will save you hours in the long run. Try it.

10. Have a cleaning schedule

One of the things I’ve always struggled with is cleaning fast. When I decide to clean, I’m so confused about where to start and what to do that I end up skipping some important stuff.

Things changed after I created my own cleaning schedule. It’s a simple list of the regular cleaning areas around the house, room by room.

In this way, after I enter the room, I just start with number one without overthinking it.

If you’d like to get a cleaning schedule too, I recommend this one

Ways to get your life together at work

5 Get your life together at work

11. Clean your desk

Declutter your desk, dust it, clean your mouse and keyboard (you know that needed to be done weeks ago).

Recycle pens that don’t work anymore, stash on new ones.

12. Clean your work email

Every email in your inbox needs to go to one of the following categories:

  • answer
  • keep for reference on Project Name (in a separate folder named with the project name)
  • delegate
  • delete

13. Finish due and overdue projects

You shouldn’t have overdue projects, but if you do – they are your priority. Then move to the next ones.

14. Make calls

You know you’ve got a pile of sticky notes with people you need to call. Make those calls.

15. Plan long-term projects

Some projects take weeks or months. Create plans for them and schedule the tasks that need to get done. 

16. Ask manages for feedback

You might wonder why this is no the list, but one of the ways to get your life together at work is by knowing exactly where you stand in the eyes of the company.

You might need to work on your performance, and in this case, you want to take further action.

Ask your boss/manager to help you be more productive and useful for the company. Bosses love that attitude.

17. Be clear with your career plans and goals

6 Plan ahead

If you hate what you do, there’s only one way to get your life together at work – find out what you’d rather do instead and get on with it.

18. 1 Hour daily

If you’d like to grow in your company or would love to start a business, change jobs… Whatever your goal is, spend an hour daily learning more about that field, and investing in yourself.

19. Sort papers, contracts, archive 

I used to work in a bank, and back in the days, things were mainly on paper- contracts, applications, and all. I had to create a strict schedule to place stuff in folders every few days, or the pile of paper was getting scary. 

20. Change your mindset

Getting your life together is usually a mindset change.

Learn to love what you do or do something you love. That’s the best way to get your work-life in order.

Ways to get your life together by managing your money smart

7 Be organised with your money

21. Keep track of your spendings

That’s been said so many times, yet people still procrastinate on it. I know it requires a lot of work, but it’s essential to know where your money goes. You work hard to earn them. 

22. Have money organizing station

Dedicate a place in your house for managing money. In that way, every time you pass that spot, you will be reminded to get more organized with your money. 

23. Check accounts and bank statements almost every day

You don’t even notice, but money leaves your account almost every day. Be aware where they go even if you think you know.

Checking your bank accounts as often as possible helps you create a deeper connection with your money. They stop being something you spend and become something you carefully monitor.

24. Organise your purse/wallet

You know there are cards in there that need to be recycled, receipts that must be taken out, money that must be arranged. Just open your purse and organize it in a few minutes.

25. Set up money goals 

12 Following others

You need to have money goals. If you don’t – set them up right now. 

26. Direct debits

I like having as many direct debits as possible, as it frees my time. However… 

27. Review them weekly

Or biweekly. You want to know if everything’s been paid, if any charges have come or if there was a price change.

28. Work on saving money

There are so many ways to save money, money challenges, and different approaches to saving more of your hard-earned money. Pick the best for you. 

29. Review your money habits

I’ve got a huge list of best money habits you could have here. Make sure you adopt at least a few of them. 

30. Use stationaries

I get it! 

Sometimes, staying organized with your money is a challenge. Therefore, I recommend using money planners and organizers, money envelopes, stickers, markers, and everything else to make the experience more enjoyable. 

Ways to get your life together – Relationships

31. Prioritise

We all have different priorities, and therefore, your relationship with your friends and family might take a different position than mine. However, recognize that position and nurture it. 

32. Schedule family time

Most people have schedules for their work, goals, plans, cleaning, and so on. But just a few block time for family and friends.

It’s like listing out whatever needs to be done and leaving the family for whatever time we’ve left.

If you struggle spending quality time with your family, start by blocking time on your calendar for that quality time.

33. Distance yourself from toxic people

No doubt, there are toxic people around us. They drain our energy and make us feel miserable. Distance yourself from them. 

34. Resolve issues

Not every issue can be resolved, but many can.

Have the talks you’ve postponed, say what’s on your mind, free your heart.

35. Focus on quality, no matter the time

When we talk of quality time, we usually forget that the keyword is “quality. I could create a deeper connection with my partner for 5 minutes or waste mine and his time for two hours every day. It’s all about the quality you put into that time. Curious about the five minutes? This is what I’m talking about.

36. The relationship with yourself

9 Personal growth ideas

One of the best ways to get your life together is by learning to nourish yourself better. Prioritize that connection. 

37. Spend time alone

Meditate. Read. Drink tea. Think. Breathe. Sleep. 

Spend time alone. It clears your mind.

38. Pamper yourself

Self-care subscription boxes are a great way to pamper yourself regularly. It’s like having a birthday every month. See 10 best self-care subscription boxes I’ve handpicked for you.

39. Understand and respect your needs

You must clean the house. You must cook. You must do your job. You must plan. You must achieve. You must be better, faster, smarter…


The only thing you must do is take a break and understand your needs at the moment. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed isn’t going to get you anywhere. You can only get your life together if you feel inspired, motivated, joyful about the process. Work on that. 

40. Mindset changes

You want to work on your mindset if you tend to leave yourself last when it comes to caring. 

It will affect your mental and physical health; it will affect your life.

You need yourself.

Prioritize You.

Ways to get your life together – Goals and Personal development

13 Being your best self

41. Have short-term and long-term goals

You need them both. 

42. To-do lists in every room

Place empty to-do lists in every room, so you always have a pen and paper around you when you’ve got an idea or just need to add another thing to the shopping list.

43. Don’t keep it in your head

Don’t keep things in your head, trying to memorize them. Most likely, you’ll feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Write it down, have a brain-dump notebook, or a simple sheet of paper.

44. Create routines

There’s one simple way to get your life together fast.

It’s through creating the right routines that will energize you and allow you to stack many productive things together. Have morning and evening routines.

Review your days and include routines there too – cleaning routine, money-managing routine, Sunday routine, and more.

45. Plan small

Endless to-do lists and schedules will overwhelm you.

If you look at my bullet journal, you’ll notice that I don’t have more than 3-4 things to do daily on my blogs (I run two blogs by myself). Every additional item will affect your productivity later in the day.

46. Never miss a day working on your goals

10 Work on your goals every day

Never. Miss. Even. A. Day.

If you want something, go for it.

But do it daily.

Even if today you’ve got only ten minutes to work on achieving your goals – do it. 

And you always have at least ten minutes daily. Don’t believe it? Do you have Instagram or Facebook accounts? Then you have ten minutes.

47. Track your progress

Stay motivated by tracking your progress. You could use a habit tracker for your habits, a calendar, or a whiteboard for any projects you work on. 

48. Make things fun

Do you know when we give up on doing stuff?

When the fun is gone. 

You don’t need the motivation to check your Instagram, right? Do you need to convince yourself to watch your favorite TV show? Nope!

That’s because both things are fun.

Apply the same principle with everything else – make it fun.

49. Clarity and prioritizing

I was asked recently to pinpoint the one thing that helps me achieve my goals. I needed a moment to think, but then I realized – it’s clarity and prioritizing.

Ok, maybe they’re two, but they kind of go hand in hand. 

Clarity – having a clear vision of the result I’m aiming for helps me prioritize the things I need to do to achieve that goal.

Have clarity.

50. Evaluate

And finally – evaluate. How much time will a project take you? How much effort do you need to put into it? How much energy?

You can get your life together unless you evaluate what you have and what will take you to get what you want to have. 

Ways to get your life together – Social media and Computer

11 Social Media

51. Clear old photos from your social media.

52. Unfriend and unfollow people you don’t need in your life.

53. Reduce the social media accounts you have.

Unless you’re a social media manager, you really don’t need ten social media accounts. I know they are all fun to use, but hey, what about the life you need to live?

54. Track the time you spend online.

Your iPhone has this option in Settings -> Screen Time.

If you’re with Android, I suggest you use this app.

55. Follow people that matter

In fact, follow people who bring something into your life – motivate you, inspire you, give you ideas, teach you something. These people are worth following and binge-watching.

56. Organise your computer desktop. Less clutter, remember?

57. Delete programs you never use

58. Clean personal email.

Answer emails, delete unwanted ones, clear trash, and spam folders, unsubscribe from people you don’t want to hear from.

59. Create new folders to help you stay organized

60. Make your desktop wallpaper pretty but functional.

Have an inspiring quote on your desktop or create a dream board and set it as a background (that’s what I did)

Ways to get your life together by mindset changing

2 get organized at home

61. Life project

Recognize getting your life together as a project instead of a goal. Things will always pile up, stuff will get postponed, and your house will always need more cleaning. 

However, that’s not a reason for self-judgment.

Instead, change your mindset and point of view.

Life is a journey and getting your life together is a journey, too – a never-ending process of doing your best every day.

62. Work on developing good habits daily

Good daily habits will help you on your way of getting your life together. This is a huge list 101 good daily habits you might want to take a look at (I’ll place a link at the end of this post too)

63. Keep track of your progress

We are very keen on keeping track of our mistakes and losses. But what about the wins and the progress? Be realistic and recognize the moments you’ve done well.

64. Stop complaining

The minutes you spend complaining are forever lost, and you’ve done nothing useful with them. Think about that for a moment. Make life meaningful.

65. Switch off the TV

I recently found out that we spend 78 000 hours of our lies in front of the TV. That’s nine years.

Can you imagine how many things you could do instead of these nine years?

66. Find your passion

A hobby, a business, or a side hustle – your passion is what will help you get up early in the morning and slay your goals. Find that passion and keep it close to your heart.

67. Take action more often than you want

Be an action-oriented person. We are all scared of the unknown, and we all prefer not to take risks. However, every action you take gives you a 50% chance to win. Every action you don’t take gives you a 100% chance of losing. 

68. Find that inner strength and determination to keep you going.

69. Always educate yourself

Books. Courses. Audiobooks. Mentoring. 

There are many ways you could keep educating yourself. Learning never stops.

70. Find happiness within

Yes, happiness is always located within us. Did you find it?

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