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10 Best Gratitude Journals To Change Your Life Forever

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Could a gratitude journal actually change your life?

Here’s a secret: it’s you writing in that journal who does that, but yes, transforming your life is only possible if you start practising daily gratitude. And I will list the most affordable and best gratitude journals.

The power of gratitude is well known, and if you’re new to practising this habit, I will help you with the basics.

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What is a daily gratitude journal?

Simply said, it’s a notebook where you could write about the things you are grateful for.

Your gratitude journal could be anything, from a digital list you keep on your phone to a gorgeous paper journal with stickers, motivational quotes and pretty pages that inspire you to keep coming back to it every day.

Why should I keep a gratitude journal?

Keeping a gratitude journal and daily writing about the good things that happen to you is the absolute best way to find happiness.

We are all trained to think and breath with our problems and worries on our mind, that we forget to enjoy the things we have.

And it doesn’t matter how cliche this sounds to you – look at your life, and you might see that you, just like me and the rest of the world, could appreciate yourself and your life a little bit more.

To me, daily journaling is the time when I shift my focus from the “things that happened” to “good things that happened”. See the difference?

The habit of expressing my gratitude in a written form is like a magic moment when I lift the curtains and see the full play we call “life”. It has saved me from a very dark moment, and it’s my not-so-secret secret to manifest the life I want to live.

How do I start a daily gratitude journaling?

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My first gratitude journal was a small handmade journal with not more than 20 blank pages. I made it myself as I wanted to create a connection between me and the new habits I wanted to develop. I started writing in it every single evening and committed to filling one page a day, no matter what. Two weeks later, I had to create a new gratitude journal as I ran out of space on the old one. There was so much I wanted to write about.

Gratitude is magical, and if you give it time, you will see it for yourself.

In fact, you should give it just a little bit of time – 5-10 minutes a day dedicated to the best in life will transform your inner world and then – your outer world.

You could use a normal notebook, handcraft your own or just get something ready-made and get to work.

Here are the 10 best gratitude journals you could order right now.

Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

If you are ready to commit to daily gratitude as a practice, this is a gorgeous Gratitude Journal that helps you stay focus on good things in life every morning and every evening. It consists of daily reflections with small questions, mood tracking and space for your daily affirmation.

Pros: You won’t stay in front of a blank page and wonder what to write and how to start. You are guided all the time. The questions are the same every day, which creates the habit of spotting good things in life while they happen. And we call this mindfulness.

Cons: It’s only a 90-day journal, so you will have to purchase another one after 3 months. However, three months will be more than enough for you to see improvements in your life.

See inside this journal on Amazon

Start With Gratitude: Daily Gratitude Journal | Positivity Diary for a Happier You in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Start with Gratitude is a 100-page journal that requires less than 5 minutes of your time to create great changes. Every page has quotes to keep you motivated and inspired; it’s divided into morning and evening sections and each time you answer just 2 questions. Its beautiful design gives you the feeling of mysteries and great treasures – just as the treasures you’re about to write down inside.

Pros: It’s small, easy to carry and takes little of your time exactly when you want to save it – in the morning and the evening. You get 30-day reflection and goal setting section, perfect for keeping you on track.

Cons: It isn’t very interactive on the inside, but it is practical. If you’re looking for catchy design and pink colours, that isn’t your journal.

See inside this journal on Amazon

The Gratitude Journal For Women: Find Happiness and Peace in 5 Minutes a Day


This gratitude journal is an artwork, and that is why it deserves to be on the list of the best gratitude journals online. Its soft colours are so attractive that you most likely spend more than 5 minutes every day. You’ve got loads of writing space and inspirational quotes, thought-provoking questions and Insta-worthy design. It helps you take your mind off the world around you and dive into colourful mindfulness for 5 minutes a day or more.

Pros: Beautiful work, 202 pages (enough space to be inspired) and gives you more freedom than the other journals.

Cons: A few buyers report that the book doesn’t lay flat when opened, so that might be a slight issue for some.

See inside this journal on Amazon

The One-Minute Gratitude Journal


If 5 minutes a day sound like too much of your time, this is your go-to gratitude journal. You could write up to five things you are grateful for and put it aside until the next morning. It also comes with inspirational quotes and simple graphics.

Pros: Simple and easy to use, gets you to do the job.

Cons: If you like to write and write (and write) it wouldn’t fit you. It’s restricted to 5 things a day only which might not be enough for some people who want to dedicate more than a minute to a gratitude practice.

See inside this journal on Amazon

The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day

This is probably the most famous gratitude journal you could find online. It has morning and evening section; it helps you manifest better experiences throughout the day and write down your daily affirmation. In the evening, you’ve got a reflection section to help you wrap up the day in a positive way. It has over 500K copies sold out and thousands of good ratings on Amazon.

Pros: Easy to use, it guides you through the pages, has motivational quotes to keep you inspired. It’s great for people who want to focus on the important things and keep things focused.

Cons: After a while, it might get boring for you to answer the same questions. However, they are the most essential questions, so I’d give it a thought.

See inside this journal on Amazon

Good Days Start With Gratitude: A 52 Week Guide To Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude

This is “short and sweet” type of journal that will cost you a minute or two of your time. It helps you focus on the attitude of gratitude every day by listing three things you are grateful for. Every page starts with a motivational quote; the total of pages is 118.

Pros: Simple to use, beautiful cover and will last for a full year. Perfect fit for busy people.

Cons: As with some of the other journals, it might get you bored, and it limits you to just a few things daily.

See inside this journal on Amazon

Gratitude Journal by Love You Studio

This is not only a gratitude journal but also a self-help and self-care journal. You’ve got space to draw, do daily exercises and practice positive thinking. It’s colourful and full of inspirational thought-provoking quotes.

Pros: It’s a sturdy journal with non-bleeding pages so you could get really creative with it and keep it pretty.

Cons: It might be too distracting to some people, but it’s interactive and will keep you busy for a long time.

See inside this journal on Amazon

Gratitude Journal, 365 Things I Am Grateful For

Gratitude Journal Etsy

Now, we are levelling up the things here. This is a handmade gratitude journal, and I love the idea behind it. You could modify the cover and even choose the number of pages inside, depending on the time you’d like to use it. It comes with a variety of pages, envelops, embellishment kit and more. This is your journal if you like crafting and want to turn your daily gratitude practice into art and ritual.

Pros: It’s handmade, so you get a product made with love. It’s unique, so no one else has exactly like your journal, it keeps you busy and ads an extra colour into your days, and you could customise it as much as you want. If you like crafts and papers – that’s your perfect match.

Cons: If you’d like to keep your gratitude time short and straight-to-the-point this wouldn’t fit you.

See inside this journal on Etsy

Gratitude Journal, Daily Gratitude, Happy Journal

Gratitude Happy Journal

This is another very affordable handmade best gratitude journal with a unique design and made with love. It comes with beautifully written prompts on some pages and interactive charts to fill in. It’s a high-quality paper, cheerful and eye-catchy.

Pros: Colourful gratitude journal with vibrant colours, very interactive, handmade.

Cons: It’s a 30-day journal which might be not enough, but the price is affordable, and you always get a discount if you order more than one.

See inside this journal on Etsy

Gratitude Journal, Happiness planner, Mindfulness journal

Happiness journal

This isn’t just a gratitude journal. But it goes on the list of the best gratitude journals online as it’s a very positive little book full of mindfulness exercises, gratitude prompts and inspirational quotes.

Pros: Handmade with love, and that’s always important; quality paper, positive exercises that keep you in the present. Every page guides you to the things you should focus on – a wonderful way to start your day.

Cons: As with the other question-answer journals, you don’t have too much freedom of writing. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t gorgeous best gratitude journal.

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