10 In-Control Ways To Get Your Life Together And Keep It Like That

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How do you get your life together – meaning and a smashing action plan

What does it mean to get your life together?

To get your life together means to be entirely focused on the ways to improve yourself, to follow through with your plans, to take action towards achieving your goals, to stop procrastinating, and to live a fulfilling life that makes you happy.

Sounds awesome, right?

But how do you do that?

How do you suddenly become a highly productive and successful person?

How to get in control of your life if you’ve never done it before?

In this post, we will talk about ten simple ways to get your life together and keep it like that. 

But before we start, there’s something crucial for you to understand.

How to get your life together starting inside out

To improve your life means that you know what needs improvement.

Very often, we believe that to create a better life for ourselves means to change everything around us, to reorganize our home, our workplace, and completely change every aspect of our mini-world. 

And while all that might be part of the process, it truly isn’t the main thing to focus on.

It’s very easy to create a to-do list that tells you to clean your wardrobe and do your dishes, but that’s just a small part of getting your life together.

Because it all starts with your mindset. 

Having the right mindset towards your life and your goals is what will get you moving forward.

First of all, make sure that the path you’ve chosen is the path you truly want to walk on. 

Align your goals with your inner self. Is that what you’re meant to do? If not, in what way is your current situation helping you to get where you want to be?

Are you in peace with yourself?

If there is an internal conflict, you want to identify it and work on it. Where does that conflict come from? 

Do your decisions reflect your values?

What if your ideas are unique, but you don’t feel confident enough to get out of your comfort zone?

Will you manage to find the way to challenge yourself just enough to get you out of your rut?

Once you’re done with exploring these areas of your inner self, you will be ready to go ahead with getting your life together even more.

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”
― Ramana Maharshi

10 Ways to get your life together one day at a time

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Let’s get to the best part – the tips that will seriously put you on the right path of improving your life. 

1. Act instead of react

I haven’t seen too many people talking about this, but I believe that one of the most important ways to get your life together is to be proactive. 

Instead of reacting to the things that happen around you, try to be the person who acts more. 

Don’t wait for the opportunities to show, be prepared for them, and even create them. 

Forget about waiting for the inspiration to strike before you sit down and write that book. Open your laptop, get a cup of hot coffee, and write the first page or two.

Instead of hoping that your manager will notice the excellent work you’ve done, go to him and ask if he has any feedback for you on that project from last week.

Be more active with your own life. Waiting around for others to act is merely wasting your time. Get that momentum going and see what it will bring you. 

2. Do small things often

tea time

Do you believe that there’s some secret way of making your dreams come true?

Well, there isn’t. 

The only truth that everyone knows, but only a few accept, is that anything you want could be yours if you’re willing to put the work to make it happen.

But how do you do that? 

Make small improvements often. 

The water doesn’t make a hole in the stone by pouring tons of water on that stone for an hour or two. The drops could fall on the same spot for years before the first signs of that hole appear. 

It’s not the big things you do every now and then, it’s the small daily actions that change your life. 

Be like the little drops of water. Drip on that dream-stone for as long as it takes until you leave your mark. 

3. Finish what you’ve started

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One of the most important attitudes you could adopt over time is to finish what you’ve started. 

Here’s the time to admit that I struggle with this one a lot. I tend to start three projects at once, all pumped up and excited for each one of them. A few weeks later, I’ve forgotten about two of the projects and barely finding the mental power to work on the third one. 

And that’s not OK.

Finishing what you’ve started is the way to teach your brain self-discipline. And you could apply this to any area of your life. 

If you just had your breakfast, take that extra minute or two to wash your dishes – that’s completing the process of having breakfast.

Make your bed in the morning after you wake up – finish the process of sleeping. 

Put your book back on the bookshelf after you finished the chapter – complete the process of reading.

Each one of these finishing touches would take you just a few extra moments, but they will also set you up for success.

And that, my friend, is how you get your life together. 

4. Be disciplined


I already mentioned that having self-discipline is a crucial part.

One of the ways to learn self-discipline is to finish what you’ve started, but here are a few other ways:

  • Be consistent with what you do.
  • Have the goal in mind, but enjoy the process too.
  • Reward yourself when you accomplish something – even the little milestones matter.
  • Take small steps – your brain is more willing to do the little things as it believes the effort is less. (we’re all lazy deep down in us)
  • Stay consistent – yes, I know I said it already. It’s just that important

5. Follow through with your plans as often as possible

get your life together tips

How many times you’ve made a plan for doing something really productive, awesome, and life-changing just to end up dropping it out. 

Getting your life together means going through with the plans you make. If whatever you planned will help you grow and learn more about yourself, then you must go through with it. 

Yeah, that teaches of self-discipline as well.

6. Learn to prioritize

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Of course, following through with your plans is crucial, and you want to keep that mindset. 

However, diving deep into a pile of unfinished projects, endless to-do lists, and tens of ideas will only get you overwhelmed and frustrated. 

You will most likely give up on the third day.

Learn to prioritize. 

I run two blogs and a private FB group. I plan on opening a Youtube channel in a few months, but I must get to a certain level in my business to get it started. 

If I don’t prioritize, I won’t get anywhere. My rule is that I don’t do more than three time-consuming things on any given day. Everything that needs to be done must fall into the three daily things I’m scheduling. Often, I narrow them down to one or two, but if I try to fit more than three, I usually end up sacrificing quality for quantity. 

Keep it simple.

7. Take 100% responsibility for your life

how to get your life together

I should’ve put that one at the top of the list. 

You see, many times we blame different circumstances for our failures. 

“The weather was bad, so I couldn’t go on my morning run.”

“The boss hates me, so I didn’t get that project.”

“My phone rang hundreds of times, so I couldn’t focus on writing my thesis.” 

“My partner doesn’t want to reduce sugar, so I don’t have enough willpower to do it either.”

“My friends think it’s a risky business idea, so I lost confidence in me to try it out.”

…and so on.

Let’s make a pack!

Let’s quit blaming everything and everyone around us for the things we didn’t achieve and the dreams we didn’t fulfill. We are fully responsible for everything that’s happened to us so far and for everything that’s about to happen. 

It sounds scary when you think about it. Honestly, that’s the reason so many people prefer to hide behind some “reasons”. Because that means to take the steering wheel of our lives and navigate it with the mindset that “If I drown on the way there, it’s my fault.” What if you don’t, though?

8. Don’t deprive yourself of having fun in life



Getting your life together doesn’t mean endless planning, and chasing one goal after another. 

It means showing up for the things you need to show up and looking after yourself while doing that.

Self-care is what will give you the energy and the inner power to conquer your goals, so do whatever you feel that needs to be done.

Sleep more, eat healthily, exercise, read books, enjoy your favorite TV show (have limits, though), take often walks, laugh with your friends, love your family and treat yourself every now and then.

9. Find your Flow

a mug in a tray

That was a huge eye-opener for me a year ago.

To find your Flow means to be so immersed into doing what you love that you lose the sense of time, you don’t feel thirst or hunger, nor cold or heat. You are so entirely focused on what you do that time stops, and nothing else exists. 

We often experience this when we do something we love doing. For example, reading a book, we absolutely love, practicing our hobby, being part of an interesting conversation, and so on. 

Finding your Flow also means that you’re fully present in whatever the situation is. It’s a type of meditation, and you often feel energized and ready to smash your goals afterward.

Getting your life together means to find ways to include that Flow into it. Inforce it by trying to be more present in whatever you’re doing. 

10. Do it all over again

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Are you your biggest enemy?

How often do you encourage yourself, and how often do you judge yourself?

Which one do you do more?

Most of us do the second one more. We love judging ourselves. Our ego lives and thrives on self-judgment. On top of that, no one else is better than you in that – you know everything that happens in your mind and successfully manipulate and interpret any given situation to make it fit your self-judging mind.

Therefore, if you don’t stick to your New Year resolutions, plans, goals, and schedules, it’s so easy to self-punish yourself and so hard to try again. 

All you need is your ego to tell you that you already tried a few times and failed, so “why would you expect this time to be different?!”

Yet, that’s exactly what you must do – Try. Again. And again. And Again.

Until you make it happen. Every time will be easier to stick to your new plans, resolutions, schedules. Every time you will stick to your daily routines for longer. Every time you’ll be better. In everything.

That’s one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my life, and it’s the way I fight procrastination, laziness, and poor self-discipline. 

Whenever I fail, I just start all over again. No self-judgment. No self-hatred. I just do it again. 

That’s how I get my life together. Every. Day.

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What are your ways of getting your life together? Share in the comments.

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10 Ways To Get Your Life Together and Keep It Like That

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