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17 Stress Relief Gifts For You or The Ones You Love | All Under $30

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Stress relief gifts you deserve to get for yourself

Stress relief gifts are something we usually buy for others. And that’s totally fine. Actually, I encourage you to help someone who’s under pressure to relax and feel happy again.

But what about you?

When are you going to show some self-care and find a way to love yourself more?

We all spend so much time thinking of ways to make others happy and their life – easier. But just a few of us show the same care and nourishment to ourselves.

And I strongly believe that needs to change.

Because self-care isn’t selfish. It’s actually our responsibility to look after ourselves, to relax at the end of a bad day, to nourish our mind, body and soul, to develop good habits and express gratitude for everything we have. 

In this post, I will list 17 stress relief gifts you could get for the ones you love or for yourself. Without feeling guilty you practice well-deserved self-care. Gifts for ourself that will soothe your mind, body and soul.

Let’s get into it.

stress relief gifts

Stress Relief Gifts For Your Body, Mind and Soul

1. Perfectly Imperfect Bath Bombs

These imperfect bath bombs are a great way to remind yourself that good things in life don’t always come in great shape, but they provide you with the same quality. These are awesome 1.5 pounds packages with mini bath bombs to make your imperfect day a little bit better. What a great way to treat yourself. 

See these bath bombs on Etsy

2. Foot Massager by RENPHO

What’s the best thing at the end of a stressful day? Foot massage, of course. And while your loved one might not be always up to the task, this Shiatsu Foot Massager will fulfil your wishes. This foot massager will relieve any discomfort in your poor feet. It heats up your feet (not too hot) and offers air gentle air massage too. You could set it up on higher or lower massage settings and enjoy it at any time of the day. The fact that it has over 2000 positive reviews on Amazon must tell you that it’s worth to try it.

3. Scalp Massager Tool

Ok, I’ve got this scalp massager and I must say that the first time I tried it I got goosebumps all over my body. It’s so weird and pleasant at the same time. You feel like your scalp gets a gentle scratch over and over again. Its price is less than you gave for coffee today, so I recommend having a look at it. Plus, if you motivate your loved one to hold it and scratch your scalp it’s even more relaxing than doing it yourself.

4. Essential Oil Diffuser by URPOWER

Yes, you can get a quality essential oil diffuser for under $30. And this one is your must-have choice. With over 10K positive reviews on Amazon, this essential oil diffuser with adjustable LED light will gently chase away the stress. Plus, if you aren’t a fan of essential oils, you could use only water. 

5. Self Care Gift Box

Do you have a favourite way to de-stress yourself? I have. It’s called self-care and pampering and this bestselling self-care kit will give everything you need to have your own self-care moments every day. Because you deserve them and you know it. The set includes Epsom salt, essential oils, face mask, french clay, candle and more. See the full kit on Etsy

Get this self-care kit now.

6. Eye Massager by Pretty See

Do you know that there are some products you don’t know you need them until you have them? Well, this eye massager is one of them. It’s FDA Approved and it not only helps you relieve stress, but it reduces eye puffiness, brightens dark circles and even helps you get that eye cream deeper into your skin. 

7. Acupressure Mat by Ajna

Another great way to massage your body and relief stress is by simply having one of these acupressure mats. It eases muscle tension, improves sleep and blood circulation. It’s the best way to relax. And yes, it is under $30.

8. Radha Lavender Oil

Lavender is known to be one of the best stress-relieving oils. And this natural and cruelty-free (that’s important too) oil is a great choice. You could use it just as aromatherapy oil with your essential oil diffuser or use it as a massage oil, skincare, repellent spray in your home (or office).

9. Headache Relief Cap

If everyday stress gives you headaches and they often turn into a migraine, this headache cap is a great way to feel better, instantly. You place it in the fridge or freezer for a bit and then onto your head. It’s a drug-free way to relieve the pain. 

10. Foot Pads by Prescia

Stress and tension often pile up in your body and therefore, you need an effective way to clean your body. One of the most popular ways to cleanse your body is through your feet. And if you aren’t a fan of cleansing with onion rings in your socks (yes, people do that) then these footpads your next best thing to try.

11. White Noise Sound Machine by HoMedics

A sound machine might be something not only your kids need, but you as well. This White Noise Sound Machine offers the following relaxing sounds: Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summernight, Brook and of course, White Noise. It’s under $30 and has over 12000 reviews on Amazon making it an absolute bestseller you want to try. 

12. Mindset Super Pack by ShineSheets

How about working from inside out? This absolutely smashing Super Pack is a great way to work on your mindset. It includes Anxiety Journal, Self-Love Journal, Positivity and Mindset Journal. It’s an instant download and you could start working on your stress relief journey right now. Plus, it has 50% off so you can get it for under $30 if you act now.

Get instant access to the pack here.

13. Lava Rock Bracelet

Made by a natural tiger eye stone, this beautiful bracelet is designed to help you calm down and improve your meditation skills. The healing power of these rocks is known since ancient times and it’s now accessible to you. 

14. Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend

A unique blend of Bergamot, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Yilang Yilang, Pink Grapefruit and Gurjum, this stress relief oil is specially designed to help you feel better. It’s extremely affordable and way below our $30 mark, plus it ships for free in the US. 

See this product on Etsy

15. Guided Meditation for Stress Relief by Katrina Repman

Meditation is a well-known way to relax, relieve stress, focus on yourself, practise self-care and self-love. And this is a pack of guided meditation by Katrina Repman, a yoga and meditation teacher, designer and a model. The best thing about this guided meditation is that it will cost you less than a dollar (yes, less than 1.00$) or for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

16. Bead Chakra Bracelet by MONOZO

Stress-relieving has a lot to do with your inner state of mind. Therefore, balancing the chakras in your boy is essential. Of course, the best way to work on that balance is through yoga and meditation, but this bead chakra bracelet helps you stay focused on the goal. 

17. Scented Candle by Chesapeake

A stress-relief gift list, even if it’s a gift for yourself, wouldn’t be full if we don’t add at least one candle. And this scented candle with approximate 50 hours of burn time, is the bestseller on Amazon and a must-have for those self-care moments in the evenings. 

These are all of my 17 recommendations for a stress-relief gift for yourself and someone you love and care about. No matter which one you choose I know it will help you nourish yourself and find that inner balance you truly crave for.

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Stress relief gifts under $30. Treat yourself or the ones you love with these stress-relieving gifts. Self care isn't selfish.

17 Stress Relief Gifts For Yourself Or The Ones You Love

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