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15 Cosy Winter Self Care Ideas To Try This Season

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Do you have your own winter self-care ideas list?

Well, you should!

The fresh cold air of the winter days is equally purifying and freezing.

And all we want to do is run from work back home, take a hot shower and watch TV for the rest of the evening.

But life goes on even if the days are shorter. And the last thing you want to do is miss the opportunity every snowy day gives you – to look after yourself a little more, to reflect on your day and get inspired for the next one.


Winter self care routine to try

Winter self-care routine to try

That’s why you need your list of winter self-care ideas

And I have 15 cool ideas to include into it tat will actually keep you warm and happy.

So, let’s get cosy this winter and start doing things for ourselves.

1. Go outside

Spend time under the sun every winter day

Spend time under the sun every winter day

Yep, getting home could be the only thing you crave about at the end of the day, but this doesn’t mean you should do it.

December, January and February are the darkest months of the year. However, you want to find a way to get that vitamin D your body really needs. Use your lunch break to spend some time under the sun. You need around 10 minutes a day outside if it’s sunny, and half an hour if it’s cloudy, so your body could get its vitamin D for the day.

In the weekends, find time for a short walk in the nearest park, breath the fresh air. It’s healthy. You’ll love it!

2. Dry brush your skin

Dry brushing your skin

Dry brushing your skin

Dry brushing is a self-care idea you want to try in the winter days. It exfoliates the skin, improves the blood circulation, removes flaky skin and energizes you. The main rule when dry brushing is to use a bristled brush and to apply a moisturiser afterwards.

3. Become a Tea Lover (or a hot chocolate lover)

Become a tea lover

Become a tea lover

The cold winter days whisper “hot drinks” in our ears. Therefore we love hot chocolates and teas.

I love to hug my tea mug in the mornings and start my day this way.

Actually, did you know that the first thing you do in the morning it must be drinking something warm? It improves your digestion and wakes up your stomach for the food you usually have later on.

Have your own tea selection in cute tea jars to inspire you every time you fancy a warm drink.

If you’re a classical hot chocolate lover, then your must-have is a hot-chocolate mug that is only yours.

4. Invest your time in good books

Invest your time in good books

Invest your time in good books

Spending the evening tucked in your bed and reading good books is the simplest self-care idea of all. It’s also the one that’s going to benefit you the most.

No matter if you’re a free Audiobook lover and want to close your eyes and listen to the good stuff, or prefer to hold the book in your hands and smell the paper, reading is still the best way to relax and have a good time at home.

5. What about a good movie?

Watch good movies

Watch good movies

This is the next one on the list. And I love to watch a romantic Christmas movie on Friday evening. Don’t you? Don’t forget the fuzzy blanket and popcorn too.

6. DIY something for your home

DIY something for your home

DIY something for your home

Your home needs some winter love and care too. When it’s cold and gloomy outside, you might want to spend the day at home. Why not create something with your hands then?

There are so many winter home DIY ideas for you to choose from, but here’s a very short list of a few:

7. Drink more water

Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water

Ok, I tried to list this self-care idea a little bit later just to keep you reading for longer. But listen, staying hydrated is an annoying yet essential tip for the winter days.

Your body needs the liquid to keep the blood flow and give you energy. The cold wind could damage your skin if it’s not hydrated enough.

And talking about the damages of the winter on our skin…

8. We must speak about humidifiers

Get humidifier for the winter days

Get a humidifier for the winter days

Here’s a real problem my partner and I had just until a week ago.

We snored.

A lot.

Don’t laugh.

We got to the stage when I couldn’t sleep because of his snoring and vice versa. We were complaining every morning how much the other damaged our sleep in the night…

And that’s not healthy.

It took us a while to realise that the air in the room was too dry, and that’s why we were both snoring so bad.

The solution?


Except that it prevents snoring in the winter nights, a good humidifier will prevent the spread of airborne viruses, relieves allergy symptoms and helps your home feel warmer.


9. Journaling the winter blues away

Journal often

Journaling is a great way to relieve stress and chase the winter blues away.

If journaling is something new to you and you aren’t sure where to start, I suggest you go for gratitude journaling. It has changed my life, and I know it will do the same for you too.

Don’t have any idea what you’re grateful for? Here are 100 things to start with.

10. Go out with friends

Go out with friends

Go out with friends

Your life goes one even during the cold winter months. One of the best things you could choose for yourself is to laugh and have more fun. Even if the Christmas parties are over, you could always call your closest people and go out on Saturday evening.


11. Skincare routine

Moisturise your skin twice daily

Moisturise your skin twice daily

Creating a skincare routine for your skin type is essential, and if you do it right, your skin will glow brighter than ever before.

Moisturising your skin should be your priority during any season, especially in wintertime. Do it twice a day – morning and evening. Try applying a skin probiotic before bed for a soft and clean face.

I already mentioned that you should drink plenty of water throughout the day. You also need to avoid washing your body or face with hot water (even though that’s all I crave for at the end of the day) as it will dehydrate your skin.

12. DIY a Self-care kit

Create your own self-care kit

Create your own self-care kit

It’s so fun to create your own self-care kit for the gloomy winter days. Here’s what a good winter self-care kit could include:

13. Do something productive

Get productive

Get productive

Of course, staying warm and cosy is the best winter self-care idea.

However, that’s not the only self-care thing you could do for yourself.

Staying productive and focused on your goals is very important and must be your priority all year round. While tucked in bed, why not take a course that will help you in your career? Or maybe master a skill?

Here’s how to do it for free for a full month.

14. Home bake the winter

Bake something

Bake something

Can you imagine it?

It’s a cold winter day. It hasn’t stopped snowing since the previous day. The world is covered by a magical white blanket. It’s so quiet that you could hear the soft breath of the Mother Earth beneath your feet. You are in your warm kitchen, and you’re doing the only logical thing you could do on such a day – baking a cake.

My favourite types of cake are bundt cakes. Here are a few good recipes of it to try yourselves.

15. More soups

Make soups

Make soups

Winter means not only hot chocolate and bundt cakes. It also means soups that warm your body and soul. Homemade food is a blessing and a warm soup at the end of a cold day is a double blessing. If you need good ideas, check the video below.

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15 Cosy Winter Self-Care Ideas To Try This Season

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