10 Self-Care Subscription Boxes Worth Having Right Now

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Best self-care subscription boxes that will genuinely make you happier

Are you looking for better ways to look after yourself? (you must always do that!)

Is self-care and self-love part of your new personal growth plan? (it should!)

In this case, I bet you’ve come across self-care subscription boxes, and now you’re looking for the best option to choose.

I mean, you will be giving your money, it better be for something worth having, right?

How do subscription boxes work?

What is a self-care subscription box, and how does it work?

In a nutshell, a self-care box is a box full of products and things to help you practice self-care daily. It often includes beauty and wellness products, candles, books on self-love, self-awareness and personal development, cosy socks, mugs, tea selections, snacks and more. 

Usually, the value of the products in the box exceeds the amount of money you paid for it.

A subscription self-care box is when you sign up to receive a box every month or every few months, depending on the type of subscription.


How popular are subscription boxes?

Subscription boxes gain more and more popularity lately. 

In fact, over 54% of online shoppers hare a member of a subscription service. 

The reasons subscription boxes are so popular are many, but some of them are:

  • Novelty – you get to experience something new every month;
  • Excitement – you only sign up for a subscription box on a theme you enjoy – self-care, food, pets, music, books, crafts, and many more. And it’s always exciting to get a box full of goodies you know you’ll enjoy.
  • Experiment – you usually receive products you’ve never tried before. That’s a great way to tap into experimenting with your favourite hobby.
  • It’s a monthly reminder to focus on nourishing yourself.

Why should you get a self-care subscription box?

If there’s one thing we could all agree with, is that we often neglect ourselves and forget to practice self-love and self-care as often as we should.

Getting a monthly reminder to stop and focus on You for a while is an important way to keep nourishing yourself. 

No matter if you will receive a snuggling blanket, aromatherapy candle, body lotion, or a good book to read, the idea is to make time for yourself continually. 

Call it your monthly devotion to You or simply a self-care indulgence, your mindful focus on finding time for yourself will pay off fast.

You will soon find out that you’re happier and satisfied with life. You know why? Because, for once, you didn’t forget about yourself. 

And that’s why you need a self-care subscription box. 

What are the best self-care subscription boxes?

I’ve selected 10  of the best self-care subscription boxes for you. Some of them are popular, and others are just rising and slowly gaining popularity.

However, all of them are listed with the goal to satisfy your needs of self-love and self-care. 

Ready to dive in?

Passion & Growth

Passion & Growth 

This self-care subscription box really lives up to its name. It comes packed with high-value items to guide you on your journey to personal growth. Things you could get with the box: books, journals, affirmations, daily actions, candles and many more. 

What people love the most: The variety of the products, the high quality of the things in the box and the customer service.

Overall Rating: 5/5 (May 2020)

Reviews: 10+

Price:  $31,67

Get the box here

HopeBox – Care for Your Body, Heart and Soul

HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul


A little box, full of hope! This beautiful subscription allows you to really treat yourself with its products. There are different levels of the subscription, but you could get over 15 products with it. The variety of products is remarkable: snuggle buddies, candles, books, jewellery, scrubs, masks, beauty products and more. 

What people love the most: The personal stories behind every product, the thoughtfulness, the cute look of the items, that it brings smiles and makes you feel loved.

Overall Rating: 4.9/5 (May 2020)

Reviews: 1180+

Price: Start at $43.99 

Get the box here

YouAlity Self-Care Subscription Box


A subscription box that taps on your mental health and self-love experience. Each box comes with a journal curated by a mental health professional. You also get bath and body products, healthy snacks and more. Each box features a small business owner which is a great way to help others.

What people love the most: The journals as they are a reminder to often stop and reflect on yourself.

Overall Rating: 4.9/5 (May 2020)

Reviews: 26+

Price: as low as $26.67

Get the box here

Merkaela Self-Care Subscription Box

This is a quarterly self-care subscription box. It offers natural, organic and chemical-free wellness products. The box comes with a simple card to help you understand why things were chosen, their use and additional tips for enjoying them. It’s created to support you on your meditation journey, clears the mind and helps you focus on what’s important. 

You get to choose from four different options: Soap, Delux, Essentials, Shea Body Butter.

What people love the most: The quality of the products and the care behind creating each one o them.

Overall Rating: 4.9/5  (May 2020)

Reviews: 47+

Price: Start at $16 to $68

Get the box here

Brownstone & Main

Brownstone & Main

This beautiful subscription box ships every two months. It’s packed with 5-7 self-care, lifestyle and wellness products. What I really like about the subscription box is that the products are by women-owned small businesses. It means that with every purchase you help a family pay their bills and deliver happiness to others.

What people love the most: The personal touch in each box and the fact it supports small businesses.

Overall Rating: 4.9/5 (May 2020)

Reviews: 16+

Price: $40.83

Get the box here

TheraBox – Self-Care Subscription Box

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box

Probably one of the most popular monthly self-care subscription boxes is this one. It comes with 6-8 goodies especially selected to help you unwind, relax and feel cosy no matter where you are. Each box comes with one therapeutic activity to keep you focused on yourself. The value of the products is over $100, and a specialist curates each item.

What people love the most: The wellness activity that comes every month.

Overall rating: 4.8/5 (May 2020)

Reviews: 1557+

Price: as low as $30.99

Get the box here



This is a box specially designed to help you with your mental health. Every month comes with a different theme – improving sleep, decreasing anxiety and stress, increasing self-confidence and more. The items in the box are focused on mental care, self-love and personal growth. A nice bonus is that every subscriber gets access to an exclusive Facebook group for support and personal development. 

What people love the most: The workbooks that come with every box and the Facebook group. 

Overall rating: 4.6/5

Reviews: 108 (May 2020)

Price: as low as $39.99

Get the box here

Feeling Fab Box

Feeling Fab - A Box of Wellness, Self-Love and Self-Care

A combination of self-care and personal growth, FFB is the subscription box you want to go with if you need a gentle reminder to look after yourself daily. Each box comes with 6-9 full-size or travel-size products designed to make you feel calm and in peace with yourself. You also get a spiritual product such as tracking lists, mood trackers, affirmations, gratitude or journal prompts and more. 

What people love the most: The products are often full-size, which isn’t very often with subscription boxes—great quality of the items and thoughtfulness.

Reviews: 4.5/5

Reviews: 153+

Price: as low as $27.67 (May 2020)

Get the box here



This is a beautiful subscription box that gives you 3-7 full-size products (depending on the type of subscription you get). You receive books, essential oils, beauty products, snacks, jewellery and more. The creators are offering different items in each box, so you’ll never get bored by the things you receive.

What people love the most: The great quality and the excellent variety of products

Overall Rating: 4.4/5 (May 2020)

Reviews: 468+

Price: Starts at $37.50

Get the box here

My Reward Box

My Reward Box

As the company says: Everyone Deserves To Be Rewarded.

This subscription box includes high-value bath and body essentials, makeup products to try, jewellery, home goods and more. The best part is that many of the products are green, vegan, and most of them are cruelty-free. 

What people love the most: The variety of products.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5 (May 2020)

Reviews: 113 +

Price: Starts at $24.50

Get the box here

These are the 10 self-care subscription boxes I’ve selected for you. Which one did you choose?

Also, see below the summarized information of the subscription boxes. 

PASSION & GROWTHBooks, Journals, Affirmations
Candles & Self-Care Items
Daily Actions
Online community and more
as low as $31.67Variety of products
High quality
Very good customer service
Aromatherapy products
Snuggle Buddies
Organic soaks, scrubs, masks and more
as low as $43.99The personal stories
The thoughtfulness
Bath and Body products
Healthy snacks and more
as low as $26.67The journals
Handcrafted soaps
Body butter
Loos leaf teas
Meditations and more
as low as $16Quality products
Thoughtfulness and care for the subscriber
BROWNSTONE & MAINBeauty and wellness productsas low as $40.83The personal touch
Supports small businesses
THERABOXAromatherapy products
Bath, Body, Skincare products
as low as $30.99The wellness activity that comes every month
MINDWANDERBooks, Journals, Workbooks
Body products
Snacks and more
as low as $39.99The workbooks
The Facebook supportive group
FEELING FAB BOXAffirmations, Journaling Prompts
Beauty, Skincare, Body products
Spiritual tools and more
as low as $27.67The products are often full-size
Great quality
SINGLESSWAGJournals, Books
Fashion accessories
Organic bath and beauty products
Artisan-crafted foods and more
as low as $37.50Great quality
Variety of products
Full-size products
MY REWARD BOXBath and body essentials
Home goods and more
as low as $24.50Variety of products

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Self-care subscription boxes are your monthly reminder to nourish yourself and make time for self-love. These are 10 self-care subscription boxes for you to try. Make your choice now.

10 Self-Care Subscription Boxes Worth Having Right Now

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