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100 Things To Be Grateful For Right Now | Attitude of Gratitude

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Why Should You Be Grateful?

England, on the first day of October. It almost hasn’t stopped raining for the last 6-7 hours. I sit on my soft chair, I’ve got a cosy blanket wrapped around my feet, the heating is on, and I wonder what my next post should be about.

I look through the window and see people walking on the street. It isn’t the best time to be outside, to be honest. Actually, it’s one of those days when you wish to be anywhere else in the world but here.

But what if you’ve got to go to work in this weather?

What if you don’t have the opportunity to stay next to the heather, your feet wrapped in a cosy blanket and you do your job… from home?

One more time I express my gratitude for the fact that I don’t have to get up every morning and prepare for a work I don’t like, go out and be a victim of whatever-the-weather-decides-to-be-today.

One more time I realise that if I don’t express my gratitude, I might… forget how lucky I am at this moment.

cosy blanket and laptop

How many times did you express your gratitude today?

We all have hundreds of reasons to be grateful today, right now.

But how many of us realise it?

I must admit, I used to neglect the good in life, and I used to overthink the bad. It’s easy to dive into the pool of self-pity and self-destruction, and it’s life-saving to decide to go out of it.

But if you’re just like me, you know it’s hard to find things you could be grateful for all the time. You might think that it’s not ok to keep repeating the same things, and it’s a challenge to change your mind’s focus to something less painful than the problems you fight every day.

Here’s the truth though…

Being grateful isn’t a choice; it’s a necessity!

Woman laughing

Here’s the thing.

Many people believe that practising gratitude is a matter of choice, just another thing of The Law Of Attraction that the self-development gurus (who seem to have it all) preach about.

But choosing to be grateful or not is like choosing to be happy or not.

Of course, you want to be happy.

Of course, you want to be grateful.

Mindful Gratitude

I call it mindful gratitude. Yes, we are all grateful for everything we have, everything we’ve achieved and so on.

But not all of us mindfully express this gratitude.

So, let’s change that.

There are many ways to practice mindful gratitude, but the most popular one is to have a gratitude journal and to write in it every day.

I’ve got a huge list of the best gratitude journals you could find online right now, so have a look at it later on.

What should you write in your gratitude journal?

gratitude journal on the table with things to be grateful for

The first time I opened a gratitude journal on the first page, I sat for over 10 minutes, waiting for the enlightenment to strike. Nothing happened. I had no clue how to start and what to do.

Then I remembered a video I had seen on Youtube by Sadhguru (I will place it at the end of the article) and everything became crystal clear.

We shouldn’t look for big things in our lives to be grateful for. Everything could be a reason to express gratitude.

So, here are 100 simple things to be grateful for right now.

Read carefully, your life might depend on it.

100 Things To Be Grateful For Right Now

things to be grateful for

1. Your health.

2. This day.

3. You had a good night of sleep.

4. A cup of coffee.

5. You have a job.

6. The fact you’re living your dream. Yes, many people live their dreams and forget to express gratitude about it.

7. For someone who made you laugh.

8. Your family.

9. Be grateful for your ability to get up every time you fall.

10. For the aroma candle on your desk.

11. Be grateful for the food on your table.

12. The morning kiss of a loved one.

13. The silence in your home early in the morning.

14. That you finally got done something you’ve been procrastinating on for a long time.

15. You have clean water to drink.

16. The support of someone next to you.

17. For your parents.

18. For you sensibility and vulnerability.

19. For the lessons in life, you’ve learnt well.

20. For the warm bath, you just had.

21. A good book.

22. Be grateful for a compliment by someone, you don’t know.

Woman watching the sunset

23. A warm cup o tea or hot chocolate on a winter day.

24. For your friends.

25. Even for your enemies – yes, we all need them.

26. For all the hard days you’ve had in life – they made you who you are.

27. For waking up early.

28. For a delicious meal made by someone you love.

29. Pinterest. You know you’re grateful it exists.

30. For the constructive criticism that makes you grow and self-develop.

31. Your patience.

32. Your education.

33. For practising your hobby.

34. For your warm bed on a cold winter night.

35. For the fire in the fireplace late on a Sunday evening.

fireplace on a winter evening

36. A glass of wine.

37. Chocolate. Should I say more…?!

38. Having a home.

39. Being able to speak for yourself. Unfortunately, not everyone has that right.

40. Your inner strength.

41. The sunset.

42. The sunrise.

43. Internet. We are all grateful for the Internet.

44. Warm running water.

45. Payday.

46. Your ability to forgive someone else.

47. Your forgiveness for yourself.

48. For being able to finally stick to your morning routine.

49. For a self-care activity. (here are 50 self-care activities for you)

50. For the kindness of other people around you.

51. The warmth of the sun.

enjoying the sun as one of things to be grateful for

52. For an honest conversation.

53. Your pet.

54. Your health.

55. A soup bowl at the end of a cold winter day.

56. For the weekends without alarms.

57. A hug.

58. The fresh morning air.

59. For Christmas.

60. Be grateful for art you might not understand but you can admire.

61. For your tears. They clean your soul.

62. For the 15 min. exercise you managed to squeeze into your busy day.

63. For being married to the person you love.

64. For a night out with the girls/the boys.

65. Be grateful for having money (any money).

66. For your siblings.


67. For a holiday. Yay!

68. For Audible.

69. Be grateful for Mother Earth that is our home.

70. For a nice movie that touches your soul.

71. A good podcast to listen on your way to work.

72. Fuzzy blanket.

73. For school – every stressed and tired parent is grateful for school.

74. For a cold beer on a hot day.

75. For classical music.

76. For your children.

77. For the existence of life.

78. Your ambition and determination to Be More.

79. The smell of an old library (or even just an old book)

80. Your phone – if you weren’t in love with it it wouldn’t be in your hands all the time.

81. A call from an old friend.

82. An organised desk at work.

83. A generally good day. We should be grateful even for the normal nothing-special days.

84. For your best friend ever.

85. A walk in the park with someone.

talk with a friend laughing

86. For F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

87. For cute baby photos that make you smile.

88. A lunch break in the middle of a stressful day.

89. For your savings.

90. Pizza.

91. The kiss of your child.

92. A good deal that saved you money.

93. Your mistakes. You must be grateful you had them as the taught you something.

94. For this life, you’ve got.

95. For positive feedback from a client.

96. A quote that says it all.

97. Be grateful for being yourself.

98. For cheerful music in the morning.

99. God.

100. Be grateful for everything that happened in your life, everything that happens right now and everything that will happen.

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100 Things to be grateful for right now

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