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50 Daily Self Care Ideas and Activities to Relax and Feel Good Again

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A Self Care Day Ideas For Those Who Need To Finally Start Looking After Themselves

Did you feel guilty that you might be “one of them” – the people who don’t practice self-care too often and ignore themselves way too much?

Let me tell you a little secret…

Most people don’t practise self-care or have never thought of self-care routine.

Honestly, we aren’t used to looking for ways to nourish ourselves and not feel selfish at the same time.

But we should…

…and I include myself in this.

I will list 50 self-care ideas and trust me, I haven’t practised them all (maybe not even half of them) in a long time.

What is a self-care routine? Why do I need it?

a woman who practises some of self-care ideas

I’m glad you asked.

A self-care routine is a small series of two or more self-nourishing things you do throughout the day. It doesn’t mean you need to have a full day off to dedicate to yourself (although it’s very, very nice if you do). Instead, it means you take a few minutes out of your day and do something for yourself. Something, that relaxes you, recharges you and helps you feel good again.

Here’s the reality we live in.

Work, family… life. Sometimes it feels like everything stands on our way to self-nourishment. And the more we ignore the little signs that we need to stop and do something, the worst it gets later on. Stress increases, happiness decreases and we lack self-love and self-appreciation.

We keep demanding more and more from ourselves so we could make other people happy and… then we will be happy.

But what if it works the other way around?

Is it so selfish to want to feel good in your own skin?

What’s wrong with making sure you’ve got time for yourself to do… something in service of yourself?

If you feel the same way and believe it’s time to change things and start thinking of ways to de-stress and relax, here are 50 self-care ideas to inspire you to take action.

Read to the very end as I’ve got a special task for you.

Self-Care Ideas For When The Day Has Been Sooo Long

Relaxing after a long day

1. Drink a cup of herbal tea.

2. Put your feet up against the wall and hold them like that for 5 minutes.

3. Tell someone how you feel.

4. Exercise.

5. Enjoy some aromatherapy.

6. Ask your partner to give you a shoulder massage.

7. Listen to classical music.

8. Take deep breaths.

9. … and a long bath with these organic bath bombs.

10. Have a beer… or glass of wine.

Self-Care Ideas You Could Squeeze Into Your Morning Routine

woman meditating as a self-nourishing; self-care ideas

11. Take a shower.

12. Meditate.

13. Start taking your vitamins already.

14. Listen to an audiobook (for free) while you commute to work.

15. Take care of your skin.

16. Learn something new every day.

17. Practise mindfulness daily.

18. Sleep in. (on the weekends, of course 😉 )

19. Dance.

20. Dress in a way that makes you feel on top of the world.

Self-Care Ideas For When You Have Some Extra Time

“I don’t have extra time.” is an excuse and not a fact. Think about it.

21. Tidy up your office/room/house.

22. Take a nap.

23. Get yourself your favourite magazine and relax on the sofa guilt-free.

24. Create a new board on Pinterest “Places To Go” and waste half an hour to fill it with … well, the places you want to visit.

25. Don’t compromise with your 5-min. breaks throughout the day.

26. Start a self-care journal.

27. Craft something.

28. Light a fire in the fireplace and warm your feet in front of it (if it’s wintertime)

29. Get some sunlight on your face. It’s also healthy and increases happiness.

30. Do nothing.

Self-Care Ideas For The Guilt-Free Weekends

31. Binge-watch your favourite Youtuber’s videos…

32. … and re-create their self-care routine.

33. Plan a trip somewhere nearby.

34. Go to your favourite restaurant for dinner with yourself.

35. Get yourself the juiciest cake ever and enjoy it.

36. Don’t talk to people who are toxic to you (not only on the weekends but in general)

37. Switch off your phone, grab a bowl of warm popcorn and spend the Saturday on Netflix.

38. Say Yes to something nice in your life.

39. What cosy means to you? Create your own cosy moment.

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40. Do your manicure and pedicure.

Self-Care Ideas For Your Health and Wellbeing

self-care routines and de-stressing

41. Drink more water.

42. Go to check your eyes. We all spend way too much time in front of the screens.

43. While on the healthy ideas – run some routine health checks to be sure everything’s ok.

44. Schedule a weekly massage.

45. Create your vision board. If you don’t know how – check the video below.

46. Think about your money-saving habits – they really want to be part of your self-care routine.

47. Go to bed early.

48. Write a love letter to yourself.

49. Pick three things from this list to do today.

50. Actually do them. (and that was the special task I was telling you about)

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50 Self-Care Ideas To Help You Relax And Feel Good Again

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