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77 Ways To Instantly Increase Your Happiness

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What does happiness mean, and how do you know if you are happy?

What makes us happy, and how can we tell if we’re happy?

First of all, I firmly believe that many people are happy, but they don’t want to admit it.

The struggle is not to create happiness, as we cannot create something that already exists.

But we could find and increase happiness levels and realise how good we feel, how lucky we are, and how much we love our life.

Now, that’s the reason I decided to give you 77 ways to increase your happiness and smile more every day.

happy woman enjoying car drive

Increasing Happiness Step By Step

1. Hug someone you love. 

That’s something that always helps us feel better.

2. Meditate for 5 min. every day.

Meditation calms your mind and helps you focus on the present better. Living here and now will increase your happiness.

3. Start practising a new sport.

4. Sign up for dance classes.

Years ago, I was in a lonely period of my life and was feeling unhappy… Or so I thought. Later I realised that I was just bored and had too much free time (huh, I want these problems back). So, I signed up for salsa classes and three times a week I was dancing and having lots of fun. Try it for yourself.

5. Write a love letter to yourself.

Maybe all you need is a little bit of self-love and self-appreciation. That’s healthy.

6. Read your favourite book again.

Is it a book from your childhood? Or something that you read many, many years ago but it’s still the best book ever? My favourite book is Eat, Pray, Love and I’ve read it countless times. What’s yours?

7. Go out for a walk alone…

8. … or with a friend.

9. Sing loud. 

It might not make your neighbours happy, but it will certainly make you smile.

10. Light up some aromatherapy candles and read a romantic love story.

Happy Family, Happy Relationships

a pet and his owner

11. Kiss your partner longer…

12. … and have some fun in the bed.

13. Organise a huge party and invite everyone you love.

14. Get a pet.

15. Start waking up early, so you don’t rush through the morning.

It might not make you happy instantly, but it will decrease the daily dose of stress in your life.

16. Find a new hobby.

Even if you already have a hobby, it’s a good idea to explore more options. Find your new passion.

17. Discover your perfect affirmation…

18. … or pick one every day from Louise Hay’s book.

19. Make a list of all the things in your life that cannot be bought from a shop.

We often forget that the things that matter in life are the things we cannot find in any shop. A simple realisation and appreciation of those things could help you increase your happiness.

Small Things That Will Make You Feel Happy

20. Start eating healthier.

Yes, eating healthy reduces your depression. (Source)

21. Exercise every morning for 5 min. at least.

Nobody likes to do that. In the morning, all you want is to snuggle back into the bed and get these “5 minutes more” of unnecessary procrastination. But you could beat that and organise your day and life by simply ignoring the snooze button and do doing something good for ourselves.

22. Explore mindful colouring.

mindful colouring book on a table

23. Write down your dreams, turn them into goals and create an action plan to achieve them. Start working.

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s time to start working on your dreams and goals? Fill every day with the determination to achieve the best you could for yourself. That’s a great recipe for happiness.

24. Help someone.

It doesn’t matter who you help and it doesn’t matter how you help him/her. Just do it.

25. Call an old friend just to ask they are.

Admit that it’s nice someone to call you just to hear how you are. Do that for someone else.

26. Stargaze while hugging your loved one or a warm cup of hot chocolate (or both).

27. Get yourself an inspirational novel.

28. Clean your home.

It’s actually proven that messy house causes depression and anxiety. Your home would bring you much more peace and happy vibes if it’s nice and tidy. Yep, I need that pinned on my wall too.

29. Declutter your home.

Give away whatever doesn’t serve you anymore. Use Mari Kondo’s method.

30. Buy a present for a loved one for no reason.

More Ways To Feel Happy Today

road map and a beach view

31. Start a morning journal.

Maybe this Manifesto Journal will be your new love.

32. Give a warm blanket to a homeless person.

33. Go out under the sun.

Only one rule: no phones. Zone out for a few minutes. I promise you won’t miss anything.

34. Make yourself a warm cup of tea and relax on the sofa with a nice movie.

Be guilt-free; you deserve it! I know it’s hard to find the time to just relax without feeling like you should be doing a gazillion other things. However, finding the time to do “nothing” is as important as finding the time to do “everything”.

35. Have a deep conversation about the meaning of life with your best friend/your partner or your parent.

36. Go to the bookstore and get yourself a real paperback book.

Smell the pages; if you’re a weirdo like me, this will make you happy.

37. Plan a trip.

No matter the destination, and it doesn’t matter when it’s going to happen, just plan it, see how much it would cost you, what you could visit, etc. Get to work!

38. Increase the intake of fruits.

Especially pineapples. Obviously, they help you feel happier. (Source)

39. Paint.

It’s up to you if you’ll paint on a piece of paper, canvas or your wall – choose bright colours and wake up your creativity.

40. Start a daily gratitude journal.

Journal and glasses on a table

Gratitude is the most powerful tool to increase your happiness, appreciate things in life and manifest more. If you’ve never practised intentional gratitude, now is the time. I’ve got top 10 best gratitude journals listed here if you’re unsure how to do it.

41. DIY something for your home.

Youtube is full of useful and cute ideas. Just choose something, get the materials and lose yourself into the project.

42. Sign up for a free book on Audible and listen to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic.

43. Breath deeply for a few minutes and smile.

Tell yourself life is beautiful. Now, believe it!

44. Rearrange the furniture in your house.

Sometimes we’re just bored with our lives and need a simple change of the things around us to feel good again.

45. Forgive yourself.

Yes, do it.

46. Every time you see someone, tell him you love him.

Obviously, do that silently in your mind. It’s a technique I learnt from John Kehoe years ago, and it truly improved my relationship with the world around me.

47. Stay away from toxic people.

That could make you happier almost instantly. Also, stop thinking about those toxic people you just kicked out of your life.

48. Play with kids.

I love playing with my niece and nephew. They always make me happy.

49. Do something with your hands every day.


Don’t confuse this one with the DIY project. Here the idea is to do something small every day: cook, clean, paint, play music, work in the garden, etc. Keep your hands busy.

50. Send the kids to their grandparents for the weekend and enjoy a quiet romantic weekend at home or away.

Find the time to feel like a couple again. We spend too much time worrying about everything, running errands, doing chores, raising children. What about some romantic getaway for just the two of you? Of course, you can. Just have to find the way to do it.

51. Stay in silence every morning for 10-15 minutes or even more.

Avoid thinking about problems. Just drink your coffee and enjoy the morning.

52. Create your own self-care routine for the evenings and follow it religiously.

That’s something very important to add to your life if you haven’t already. Preparing your mind and body for relaxation will completely transform the way you sleep and the way you feel in the morning.

53. List your values and pin them on the mirror in your bathroom or above your bed. Read them every morning.

54. Write your own list of things that make you happy.

You may like my list here, but if you have more ideas – write your own list. Or even better – write it in the comments below.

55. Practise self-love daily.

What does self-love mean to you? Is there anything you could do to love yourself better?

56. Pray to God or the Universe for guidance.

We all have different beliefs. But most of us agree on the existence of a higher power/mind/spirit. Ask for guidance and then – listen.

57. Go out with friends every week.

58. Work on accepting the things you cannot change…

59. …and change those you can.

60. Every day compliment yourself.

happy woman smiling among soap bubbles

Don’t be shy. Happy people are confident people. They know their strengths and value them.

61. Every evening, think of at least 3 things that made you smile during the day.

Even if your day was long and stressful, there were at least three things that were nice about it. Find them. Hold onto them. Positivity is everything if you’d like to increase your happiness levels.

62. Reduce your time on the phone.

There are even a few apps that could help you do that.

63. Now, when you have more free time (after reducing screen-time) use it to interact with real human beings around you.

Social media cannot replace human interaction. We are born as part of a family, community, group of people, nation… We are always part of something. But as social beings, we forget that the best socialising happens while we look into someone else’s eyes.

64. Start collecting happiness quotes in a journal or on a new Pinterest board.

65. See if you could be more creative with your mornings.

Being creative in the morning gives you that positive vibe throughout the day that keeps you happy and energised. So, be creative.

66. Stop worrying about everything.

If you need some extra help that there’s only one resource I recommend. 

67. Treat yourself with a gift.

You know you want to.

68. Drink more water daily to keep your mood good.

69. Go to a concert of your favourite musician.

70. Choose Yoga.

71. Change your job.

collegues laughing

Don’t be surprised. Most of the people are unhappy with their workplace. So, change it or at least explore what options you’ve got.

72. Start saving money.

It may not make you happy instantly, but with time, you will feel better and better. Money can’t buy happiness, but they sure could help if the reason you feel unhappy is financial.

73. Find the good in every bad.

I know how trivial this sound. However, it’s a cliche because it’s true. Change the way you look at things and the things you look will change. (Wayne Dyer)

74. Be kind to people.

That will make you feel peaceful.

75. Write down how you feel right now and find the reasons you feel that way.

76. Could you something about that list from the previous point?

77. Make a commitment to yourself to try at least 3 of these tips on that list.

What do you think of this huge list of ideas on how to increase your happiness? Which one of the ideas are you willing to try right now? Tell me in the comments below.

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77 Ways To Increase Your Happiness

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Wednesday 6th of May 2020

I love long lists like these, they always give me something new to do! In fact I think I'll go and do #67 right now 😂


Thursday 7th of May 2020

Thanks, Kie! And... good choice of a point to start :)

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