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17 Meaningful Daily Goals To Boost Personal Growth

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Meaningful Daily Goals To Live a Life of Fulfillment

Setting long-term goals have always been your priority, but lately, you might be thinking of adding smaller goals to your schedulers. Don’t write anything down before you go through this list of meaningful daily goals.

We’ve already talked a bit about how to make your life meaningful here and why setting goals is important.

But now it’s time to get deeper into the goal-setting field and engage ourselves with small achievable daily goals that will not only move you towards success but will add meaning to your life.

Yes, achieving goals can and will make your life better, push your personal growth ahead, and help you live a life of fulfillment. But that happens only if you get mindful of the goals you’re going after.

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What are the benefits of setting goals?


I’ve already covered a full answer to that question in a previous post, but let me list the biggest benefits of setting goals to work on:

  • Goal setting gives you focus, a direction to walk in.
  • Having goals means you have a vision of the result. Holding on to that vision inspires and motivates you to get up in the morning and work on making the vision reality.
  • Goals are like a compass that tells you if you’re going in the right direction or not.
  • When you work on your goals, you feel at peace with yourself and improve life satisfaction.
  • Goals give you a sense of accomplishment and achievement, so the more goals you achieve, the more goals you set.

How To Set Up Goals – The Right Way


Planning on creating its own post, I will simply brush over it in this section.

Most people believe that getting a napkin and writing on top of it the top 5 goals they have will cut.

While having a napkin around when the ideas strike is important, it is not enough for calling them goals.

“Pay off my loans” isn’t a goal. It’s a wish, a dream.

“Pay off my loans by December 2021” is a slightly better way of expressing it, but I’m still not satisfied. Why?

Because it misses the main point: How achieving that goal is going to change your life.

When you wake up at half five in the morning three months from now, and while drinking your coffee with the passion a marathon runner would drink water, and you look at your list of goals, what are you going to understand from “Pay off my loans by December 2021”?

What types of feelings is that sentence going to bring into your mind? “Ugh! That sounds awesome, but heck, I’m so sleepy right now! The pillow is closer than December is, so I’ll just zzz for a few more hours.”

Do This Instead When Setting Up a New Goal

What if you had a look at your “pay off loans” goal in a different way? What if you had sat down and written all of the reasons why you want to pay the loans off? How is paying off your debts going to change your life?

Are you going to be able to afford a longer holiday? Will you be able to redecorate the kids’ room finally? What about that new car you keep seeing on the streets of your town? Will you be finally able to afford it?

“I am paying off my loans so I could make that trip to Bali, drink summer cocktails, and walk on the beach while watching the sunrise.

I am paying off my loans to get that new Toyota that always winks at me when I see it. Paying off my loans will help me save more for my daughter’s college.

I will also be able to spend more on visiting fun places with my children every month…” All those are excellent reasons to have the goal of “paying off loans”.

If you get up early in the morning and read this short paragraph, you will know that the extra hour of sleep can wait another day because right now, you must put yourself together and work towards achieving your goal!

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How Do You Keep It All Together?


Obviously, you cannot have a full notebook with your goals… or can you?

Here’s an idea for you.

Get a simple notebook (any will do, but here’s an example to use) and write your top goals on the first page. Then, flip over to the second half of the notebook and use it as the place where your creativity will flourish. Write your first goal at the top of the page and then list all of the reasons why achieving this goal is important and how it will change your life.

Now you have your answer to your “Why?!” at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning.

17 Meaningful Daily Goals To Boost Personal Growth

It’s time to get to the best part of it – the daily goals that will make your life meaningful.


  • All of them are achievable every day;
  • Yet you aren’t obligated to tick them off every day or on any day;
  • These are just daily goals examples to get your creative juices flowing;
  • Modify them, adjust them to your lifestyle, goals, and mindset;

Simple and Achievable Daily Goals Examples


1. Start your days with positivity

No matter if you have a strict morning routine or you’re just following your needs every morning, the goal is to get you into a positive state of mind. And that’s enough.

2. Be your true self.

Unapologetically! Be yourself in any situation (as long as that doesn’t hurt anyone else’s feelings).

3. Work on your dreams

Don’t let a day go by without putting at least 5 minutes of work towards your dreams.

4. Expand your potential

Yes, you have the potential for so many things – hobbies, ideas, business, personal growth, and more. Expand that potential daily.

5. Find happiness exactly where you are…

Because happiness can exist only where you are – in the Now!

6. Expressing your true feelings

Nothing feels better than expressing your feelings the way you feel them (except the times when you want to hit your boss with the keyboard or turn the soup bowl over your kid’s head, of course…)

However, you can always express even negative feelings and thoughts positively.

Don't let a day go by without putting at least 5 minutes of work towards your dreams. Click to Tweet

7. Being brave when you’re scared

The secret, as they say, isn’t to avoid being scared. The secret is to act despite being scared.

A Few More Meaningful Daily Goals To Change Your Life


8. Ask questions when in doubt

It doesn’t matter if it’s about the annual budgeting or your spiritual growth – ask questions. Ask someone around you. Ask yourself. Ask God.

9. Don’t take things personally

Nothing and no one acts personally against you. Everyone around you cares the most about themselves, so the way they act depends on their perception of life.

10. Give freedom to others

Just as you wish you have the freedom to express your true self, the others want that too. Be the person who accepts them.

11. Explore and bring down the walls inside you

Work daily on bringing down the walls your limiting beliefs have made you build around you. These are the limiting beliefs that hold you back from success and living a life of fulfillment.

12. Be fully mindful for 5 minutes every day.

One of the most powerful mindful daily goals is to be mindful for as long as possible. I know it’s hard to start, but there are countless ways to practice mindfulness every day, and I will list five of them here for you:

  • Be mindful while eating your breakfast. Switch off your TV and phone and enjoy every sip of the coffee.
  • Practice mindfulness while walking to work – listen to the noise your shoes make on the pavement, hear the leaves cringing under your feet, notice the softness of the air you breathe. Look around. Accept the world as it is.
  • Stop everything you do for a few minutes, close your eyes, and focus on the feelings inside you.
  • Take a piece of paper and write three things you see around you, three things you hear, three things you touch at the moment, and at least one thing you smell.
  • Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and drink the whole cup without doing anything else. Drink tea for the sake of drinking the tea.

13. Journal for self-discovery

You are more than able to combine at least a few of the things on this list of meaningful daily goals with this one here.

Journaling for self-discovery is also exploring the walls your limiting beliefs have made you build. Journaling for self-discovery is becoming mindful of the way you feel right now. Journaling could be planning your goals and writing out your Why-s.

14. Daily self-reflection


Reflecting on the day before you go to sleep is the single most productive way to get your life together. Learning your lessons, appreciating the good moments, and setting intentions for the next day are self-reflection ideas.

15. Daily manifesting your best life

Manifesting your life isn’t a once-on-a-full-moon act. It’s a vision you should bring to life every day. Draw it on a piece of paper, sing it in a song, write it in your journal, visualize it. Whatever you choose, make sure you manifest your best life every day.

16. Do something that excites you

Sky-diving, dancing, praying, spending time with friends, crocheting, or watching a TV drama – all these are just examples of things that might excite you. Make it a goal to do at least one thing that makes you feel alive and excites you every day.

Reflecting on the day before you go to sleep is the single most productive way to get your life together.Click to Tweet

17. Express gratitude

It certainly shouldn’t be the last point on your list of mindful daily goals; even if I place it last on this one. I just wanted to talk about it a bit more.

Expressing gratitude is your secret way of connecting to God/The Universe or any other mighty power you believe in. Gratitude is opening your eyes to what you have, and it is also the realization that its value is priceless even if it came for free to you.

Gratitude is about being humble and honor everything that has entered your life in one way your another. Gratitude is appreciating life as it is.

Gratitude is opening your eyes to what you have, and it is also the realization that its value is priceless even if it came for free to you. Click to Tweet


Your meaningful daily goals must be the goals that inspire you and add that extra hint of satisfaction and boost of self-esteem. Choose the goals you can easily implement in your busy routine and do your best to tick off at least a few.

But more importantly, don’t use these meaningful daily goals as another excuse to clutter your day and then blame yourself things aren’t happening. Instead, look at them as a way to get motivated and happier, every day.

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Meaningful Daily Goals To Live a Life of Fulfillment

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