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27 Festive and Delicious Christmas Eve Drinks

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Favorite non-alcoholic Christmas Eve drinks that are just delicious

Christmas Eve drinks accompanied by the sounds of jingles, crackling wood in the fireplace, and crumpling gift-wrapping paper.

What else could we ask for from Santa this Christmas than just having these simple moments together, forgetting about the world’s problems, our own negativity, and devoting a few days to ourselves and our family? 

We know it!

Christmas is all about spending time together, appreciating the life we had, devoting ourselves to making others happy

And Christmas is also all about good food and drinks that make you smile and snuggle on the couch with the cozy winter throw you just got for yourself. 

Talking about drinks and winter…

What non-alcoholic beverages do you drink on Christmas Eve?

No matter if you live in a place of the world where things are a little bit tight this year, and you can’t really have the usual Christmas party, you could still enjoy your family’s company and have a drink or two celebrating the holiday.

But how about mixing things up this year and trying new recipes?

Today, I’ve listed 27 delicious, eye-catchy, and easy to prepare non-alcoholic Christmas Eve drinks for your party or family gathering. 

In fact, some of them are so good, that you will want to make them all winter, and not just in the holiday season

Let’s see if you can find your next favorite winter drink. 

27 Christmas Eve Drinks

Christmas Eve Drinks - Punch Recipes

You can't surprise anyone with the idea of having punch on the holidays. But you can totally knock them off their Christmas socks with these ideas below.

Christmas Eve Drinks - Hot Chocolate

What comes to your mind when you hear me say "cozy Christmastime"? I bet the picture in your mind includes a huge Christmas mug with hot chocolate, right? Well, just see the recipes below and pick your favorite one.

Christmas Eve Drinks - Eggnog Recipes

More Non-Alcoholic Christmas Eve Drinks

5 Christmas Mugs You Want To Have This Christmas

Ok, you chose your Christmas drink, but do you have a new cozy, very merry Christmas mug for it? Check what I've found below. If you resist them all - I'm suspicious of you not having any Christmas spirit in you.

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27 Festive and Delicious Christmas Eve Drinks

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