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Life-Changing TED Talks Worth Binge-Watching This Weekend

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TED Talks That Will Help Your Personal Development Faster Than Any Book You Read

TED talks are short videos that share someone else’s view of life, opinion, research, personal story, theory, hopes, tragedy… life. 

You likely know what TED talks are, and it’s even more likely you’ve seen at least a few of them. 

But have you seen these 10 TED talk I’ve listed below?

I gift you with a selection of 10 TED Talks that are truly life-changing and will give you a different perspective of life. 

To make it easier for you to decide if you want to watch a specific talk or not, I’ve also made a list of three reasons you should watch each talk. I call it, “This talk is for you if…”

Are TED Talks really worth watching?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: each TED talk is worth watching not because it might change your life, but because someone had a message to share, and it might resonate with you

Life-changing and worth watching. 

Those were my two criteria for the talks I wanted to link in my new post. 

Based on that, I decided to go on a mission of finding 10 TED talks that will help you improve your life, find hope and probably come up with new ways to love yourself and your life. 

Let’s check them. 

1. Limiting Beliefs and Building Life Again

Are you your biggest enemy?

Do you believe in what others are telling you, or you believe in your own experience?

If you failed 100 times, are you willing to try again?

Are you sure you know what’s best for you? 

Are your beliefs helping you succeed, or are they holding you back?

How not to believe everything you think but to believe in yourself?

These are the questions Lauren Weinstein answers in her captivating TED talk. 

Ready to make that shift from who you are to who you TRULY are?

This talk is for you if you need help to make the first step to demolishing the old walls and beliefs you grew up with. 

This talk is for you if you struggle with your own decisions and are unsure if you are actually a friend of yourself.

This talk is for you if the way you think doesn’t help you get the life you want. 


2. Gratefulness and World of Opportunities

Gratitude is one of my favorite topics, and I always love hearing how gratitude and being grateful changes people’s lives. Brother David Steindl-Rast walks on happiness, gratefulness, and how they are more interlinked than you can ever imagine. 

Which one is true:

Happiness makes you grateful.


Gratefulness makes you happy. 

How to be grateful in every given moment?

A profound talk you really don’t want to miss watching. Pleasure for the soul and ears. Peace. Love. Stillness. Happiness. Mindfulness. Most of all – the gift of gratitude. 

This talk is for you if you are curious about expanding your gratefulness and letting it have a bigger impact on your life.

This talk is for you if you need a better understanding of how happiness and gratefulness are interacting. 

This talk is for you need that bit of motivation and inspiration to close your eyes and say, “I am grateful!”


3. Resilience is something we learn in moments of hardships

A resilience expert Dr. Lucy Hone tells her personal story in 16 life-changing minutes. A tragedy no one should face and a lesson of how every hardship hides an opportunity for growth. Instead of asking ourselves, “Why me?” we should ask, “Why not me?” 

See the three secrets of resilient people, how they overcome struggles, grief, and learn to live a life after loss.

“Don’t lose what you have to what you have lost.”

This talk is for you if you face loss, grief, and need help with understanding them.

This talk is for you if you are trying to handle your emotions, but negativity creeps in no matter your effort. 

This talk is for you if you need more resilience and inner growth. 


4. Happiness is a verb

Happiness isn’t about post positive thinking, says psychologist Katarina Blom; it’s about positive actions. 

No, I’m not summarizing the talk in one sentence, but I’m introducing you to 15-minutes of different perspective, encouragement, and understanding of happiness. 

This talk is for you if you’ve always thought you aren’t good at positive thinking but want to find happiness and improve your life. 

This talk is for you if you had a hundred good things happening to you yesterday but ended up focusing on a critique or a bad comment. 

This talk is for you if you feel that negativity gets the better part of your days. 


5. Empathy and the secret of feeling others’ feelings

We all know of the importance of empathy. 

The ability to feel what the other feels, to sympathize, to acknowledge their presence as it is and not as we are. That’s empathy. 

Dr. Helen Riess goes the extra mile and works for over 10 years to learn and teach about empathy. 

Yes, empathy is what makes us humans, and it’s a learnable skill. 

And it is the only way to make that cold world a little bit warmer. 

This talk is for you if you need a better understanding of empathy and a better understanding of yourself as an empath. 


6. Coping Anxiety 

Panic attacks, sweating, feeling claustrophobic, miserable, insignificant, judged, embarrassed, incompetent, ignored, ashamed, depressed… It’s all that and more. 

I’ve read many things on anxiety, and I must say that this TED talk has the clearest explanation of what anxiety feels like and gives the simplest easy-accessible tips on coping with it. 

I’ve struggled with social anxiety for some time but knowing what the problem doesn’t always fix it. In fact, knowing how I will feel in a specific situation makes me even more anxious and embarrassed of myself. 

However, I’ve never believed that anxiety is something that I’m doomed to live with forever. So, the search for help never ends. 

See what Olivia Remes advises us to do when in panic, during anxious periods of our lives, and how to actually combat the scary beast that lives in us. 

This talk is for you if you believe anxiety has taken too much away from you. 

This talk is for you if you have someone in your life who struggles with anxiousness. 

This talk is for you if you are ready to live a life you deserve – a life of freedom. 

7. Handle your emotions before they handle you

I’m not sure where to start so I could underline the importance of this TED talk properly. 

Shall we talk about emotions?

Shall I start with the addiction to other people’s opinions?

 What if we take a moment and talk of parenting and how to cope with the child that never stops pushing our buttons?

This talk is for you if you’re in search of the light at the end of the emotional tunnel you’re stuck into.

This talk will teach you how to look at good behavior and find hidden problems. 

This talk is for you if you’re an emotional human being that needs some tap on self-esteem. 


8. Rejection and its projection on our life

We’ve all been hit with rejection at some point in our lives. 

Probably you have faced more rejection than you’d like to admit. 

But how do you deal with it?

How do you keep your pride and cope with the after-effects?

Darryl Stinson has been through immense struggles and self-harming moments in his life because of his inability to handle rejection properly. 

Hear his story and understand his message. 

This talk is for you if you’ve felt hurt by a rejection from a person or Life. 

This talk is for you if you don’t understand why rejection feels so offensive. 

This talk is for you if you want to gain from the loss of opportunities, people, and self-esteem.

9. Letting go… of Hope

Learning to let go is the story of my life… and probably yours too.  

Why is it so hard to turn our back to something that serves us no good?

Why do we hold onto things that hurt us, slow us down, and make us feel insignificant and unhappy?

This talk is for you if you’re trying, without success, to let go of something or someone. 

This talk is for you if you are going through the process but have doubts it will work. 

This talk is for you if you feel like you must let go but hesitate because of fear. 

10. What you focus on grows

Mindfulness, inner peace, focus, growth. 

The power of mindfulness isn’t new to you if you’re on this blog. 

Self-development and personal growth never happen unless we allow ourselves to get to know ourselves. 

47% of the time, our minds wander. 90% of our thoughts today are the same as they were yesterday. 

How do we move forward if we are focus on what was important yesterday?

What to focus on, so it grows, and are we focusing on what makes us grow?

This talk is for you!


What else should you read next?

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Life-Changing TED Talks Worth Binge-Watching This Weekend

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