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7 Ingenious Habits To Get Your Life Together

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Habits to Get Your Life Together and Change Your Life Forever

How would you feel if you wake up one day and everything is perfect?

You don’t have any postponed tasks. Your home is clean and tidy. There’s no paper lying around your desk. You have time to enjoy a good book, a hot bath, or a glass of wine without battling your conscience that something else needs to be done… because everything’s already done. Yes, now you have time for proper self-care.

How would you feel at the end of that day?

Can you imagine the light feeling of self-satisfaction and self-esteem you’d have?

Would you be proud of yourself?

Here’s the thing: you can have that day. 

It’s not just a dream, a utopia that exists in the back of your mind.

It’s an actual possibility that could become true… once you implement the right habits to get your life together.

What do you do to get your life together?

To get your life together, you want to implement the right habits that help you maintain the mindset of a person who’s organized, doesn’t procrastinate, and get things done when they need to be done. These habits are a simple but powerful way to shift your mind from the “I’m not good at that” state to “I know I can, and I will do it!”

Now, let me be completely honest.

I consider myself as a person on the journey of getting my life together. 

However, I am also aware that the perfect “got my life together” person doesn’t exist, and you and I won’t be the first (sorry for the brutal honesty!).

Can you relate to the idea that life is a school, and we are all here to learn?

If that resonates with you, then you would also agree that the main thing we should do is “to learn”. The meaning of life is to evolve and be better in the present than we were in the past.

That means that if this year I improved my life compared to last year… next year, I will improve it even more.

There’s no limit to changing your life and improving yourself.

Woman enjoying and relaxing

In fact, learning never stops; self-development never ends, and getting your life together is an on-going process you should see as a journey instead of a destination.

With that said, I would like to ask you to go easy and stop punishing yourself for every day you didn’t train, for every piece of cake you had, for every time you overslept.

Remember, if you were perfect… there wouldn’t be a need for you to evolve. There’s always that need to grow, and that’s what makes us happy – continually challenging ourselves and pushing our limits until they disappear.

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Habits to get your life together

In this post, I’ve prepared 7 simple habits that will help you get your life together

There’s no need to attack them all at once. The best thing you could do is to choose one and make it part of your daily life. Once you’re comfortable with that new habit, pick another one and go with it. 

Consistency and small daily improvements will get you to that perfect day when everything will align with you, and you’ll feel you got your life together.

Now, let’s start with the first one of the habits to change your life.

1. Planning

Planner to help you get your life together

 This might not be a surprise for you, but the people who got their life together are good at planning stuff. 

Planning has always been my secret passion. I love planning, writing things down, scheduling stuff, and so one. The execution of all that planning is the part I should work more on, but if you’re not planning – start here.

Robin Sharma says, “Things that get planned are things that get done.”

I don’t think he meant that they get done immediately and when planned, but that they get done eventually.

Once something goes from your thoughts onto the white paper, it’s a thing you’ve already engaged with.

That thing is going to pop up in your mind and on your schedule over and over again. 

At some point, you will be left with the choice to either do it, delegate it, or delete it and never think of it again.

However, to get to that moment, you must first write it in your planner.

Plan your days, plan your weeks, plan your months. 

2. Simplify your life

relaxing next to the window

Now, if you genuinely want to get things done and get your life together, this is a habit you need in your life.

Simplify your life wherever and whenever possible.

Here are a few ways I’ve come up with to give you an idea of what simplifying your life means:

  • Create cleaning sheets to help you know exactly what you need to clean in your house and when. In this way, you won’t have to keep reminding yourself to clean the windows this week, to hover the guest room, or to dust the bookshelves.
  • Use the same brands – I love experimenting too. Often, even if I’m happy with a specific product, I would want to try a new one. However, the process of choosing new things to try and adjusting to the new brand takes time, effort, and energy. Also, if I’m not satisfied with the brand, I feel like I’ve wasted my money. Therefore, I make it a habit to stick to the same brands every time. That doesn’t mean I don’t try new things. It’s just something I rarely do.
  • Get extra stuff – Once you’re happy with a brand, I suggest you get one or two bottles/packs/bags/etc. of it. How many times have you been under the shower to realize that you’re running out of conditioner? It isn’t nice feeling because you know that once you’re out of the shower, you’ll most likely forget again. Having spare units of the most used things around the house is life-saving.
  • Create a routine whenever possible – if something needs to be done regularly, it has to become a routine. Create a routine around that thing. Once the routine is in place, it takes you less thinking, remembering, and mental energy to do it. 

3. Set Time For Self-Growth

Self care image of a woman with a dog

Here’s the thing.

Do you feel like you have to steal time for your self-development? Isn’t it annoying that watching Youtube videos, reading self-development books, planning, and self-care are things you “try to fit” into your life?

I felt like that for a very long time.

However, recently I decided to set that time and to make it a priority to learn and grow. Yes, watching Youtube might be time-wasting for some people, but if I’m watching something that gives me energy, ideas and changes my mindset, then it’s a time well spent. 

Therefore, I recommend you to kick the guilt in the b*t and stop blaming yourself that you’re wasting time staying on Youtube… just because it’s another social media. Everyone says to avoid Social media, but I say – use it to your advantage. 

4. Create a pocket of free time to get your life together

Woman writing in a planner

Here’s the thing!

We all want to get our lives together, be productive, stop procrastinating, and be our best selves.

Yet, no one is scheduling the necessary time to do it. 

We try to fit it in between everything else. However, if getting your life together is a task you put on your to-do list, then you will have to take the time to get that thing done.

Create small pockets of time dedicated to getting small things done. 

  • Clean your email box
  • Put all papers aside
  • Recycle the papers you don’t need
  • Clean your phone from apps you don’t use nor need
  • Subscribe to services you want to use or unsubscribe from those you don’t 
  • Sit down and dream – yes, that’s getting your life together too – everything starts from your thought, and your thoughts’ best food is dreams. New ideas come when we create space for them.
  • Finish small tasks you couldn’t finish in the last few days (sending emails, making phone calls, scheduling appointments)


5. Automate as many things as possible

Desktop with computer

One of the best habits to get your life together is to start automating things.

If you like to control everything that happens in your life, you likely have a few things that need to happen every week or every month, and you do them manually.

Automate them.

Any payments and regular monthly orders should be automated. Create direct debit for the services that don’t offer subscriptions.

Dedicate a day of the month to go over every little thing you pay for and decide if it’s something you should keep paying for. Look for better offers, unsubscribe if necessary, change providers, and so on.

This little habit will not only make you feel you finally got your life together. It will also save you tons of money

6. Start using to-do lists as often as possible

Having a cup of coffee

I know what you’re thinking. 

I already mentioned planning and scheduling. Why am I stuffing your brain with more nonsense?

What I’m about to advise you though, is completely different.

Choose an online app, notes on your phone, or simple pen and paper, and keep them close to you. If you like paper to-do lists, place one in every room in your house. 

Way too often, I walk around the house and suddenly remember I have to buy something, I have an idea for a blog post or something I should do shortly after. At that moment, the thought in my brain doesn’t care if I write it down or not. It’s there. And if I don’t use the moment to put it on a piece of paper, I will most likely forget it in less than 3 minutes.

Yes, I’ve got a monkey mind, I know!

However, if I have a piece of paper and a pen around, I could easily scribble the task, the idea, the event on it, and then forget about it again. I keep these papers in a visible place, and every time I enter the form, I see the list. I also look at those lists before I go shopping. Once the event is gone, the product is bought, or the post idea is written down in my planner, I scratch that thing off the list. 

It saves me tons of energy, and I can stop blaming myself for forgetting things all the time.

7. Have a strong vision of yourself

Relaxed woman in meditation

Now, this is a habit to get your life together, but it isn’t anything you physically do. 

I want you to create a vivid picture in your head about the person you’d like to become. Visualize what “getting your life together” means to you personally? 

You might be perfect at scheduling things but bad at executing them (like me). In this case, visualize yourself how you open the planner in front of you and get each one of the tasks done.

If you’re bad at planning, visualize yourself sitting on your desk or your kitchen table with a pretty planner, tapes, markers, and all that stuff, and spending some time playing with them, planning your life. 

Whatever it is that stops you from getting your life together, visualize fixing that problem.

Keep that image in your head for as long as possible. Then let it go. Repeat this every evening and every morning. It’s just a matter of time to actually follow through with that vision and make it happen.

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Things to buy to get your life together

Here’s a short list of things you might need to buy to get your life together. None of them is a necessity, but they will simplify your life or simply inspire you.

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