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100 Tiny Ways To Improve Yourself and Change Your Life | Part 2

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Want to improve yourself and your life? This list of ideas will help you do exactly that!

Note: This is the second part of the list. If you haven’t seen the other part, you could that here: 100 Ways to change your life. 

How to improve your life and love yourself more

Self-love. It’s something you might struggle a lot with. Here are my top tips on how to love yourself more.

51. Create a “happy moments” board

Create happy moments board

Create happy moments board

We often feel depressed and have a low opinion of ourselves because we cannot remember all the good things that had happened to us so far. Therefore, I came up with a “happy board.” It’s a simple board you will right, pin or stick photos and papers that remind you of the awesome moments in your life.

52. Reduce stress

It sounds so simple, but hard to do. To reduce stress, you need to find where stress comes from. What bothers you? Is it something that happened or something you think is going to happen?

Find the source of stress and work on reducing the damage on your nerves. I bet it’s not worth it. Here are some ideas on how to relax, release stress and feel good fast.

53. Every day try to list 3 things you’re grateful for

Every day list things you're grateful for

Every day list things you’re grateful for

Gratitude is the best way to find your inner self and the good things in life. You could use a simple notebook or choose one of these great journals that will easily guide you through the process.

54. Meditate

I know I already mentioned this. But it’s absolutely crucial to find time for yourself and meditate if you struggle with self-love and self-care. Here are over 50 ways to practice self-care today.

55. Stop comparing yourself to others

Stop comparing yourself to others

Stop comparing yourself to others

Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle. There will always be someone who “has more” or “do it better.” This doesn’t make you less. It simply makes us all different.

56. Stop negative self-talk

Notice the negativity in the way you treat yourself. Replace the negative sentences with positive ones. Even if you aren’t satisfied with something, find something positive about it, and embrace it.

The rule is simple: if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, why tell it to yourself?

57. Help others

We find ourselves when we help others, and helping others is what helps us the most.

58. Learn to say, “No.”

Learn to say No

Learn to say No

I know we talked about saying “Yes” more often, but that was when socializing with others. Saying “Yes” to things that rob us from our identity and make us feel uncomfortable isn’t right. Learn to say “No” when the situation doesn’t fit you. It’s so liberating.

59. Forgive

Forgive others and understand that they’re only humans. Forgive yourself and know that you’re only a human. Nothing is more important than inner peace, and forgiveness is your secret door to it.

60. Demolish your old beliefs

Improve yourself and your life

Improve yourself and your life

If you struggle with loving yourself better, then you might want to review the beliefs you have for yourself and the world around you. Get rid of old beliefs that don’t serve you and work on building new ones.

Ways to improve your life growth

Personal growth is something that happens anyway with us. But you might want to take a look at these tips on how to improve it even more.

61. Read self-development books

Read more self-evelopment books

Read more self-development books

If there’s a problem out there you struggle with, I bet there’s a book on it too.

Try Audible for free for the first month.

62. Work on your goals daily, no matter what

And I mean, “no matter what.” Since I entered the blogging business, I haven’t had more than 5 days off. This is my dream, and I work on it every single day, even if it’s for half an hour. This helps me move forward, step by step every time I sit behind the desk.

63. Have a morning routine

Create your morning routine

Create your morning routine

The importance of having a specific morning routine has been discussed thousands of times on many online platforms and in countless books. Personal development gurus like Tony Robbins and Robing Sharma have been talking about it for decades.

Do you have a morning routine that serves You? Staying on your phone after you wake up is a morning routine, but it doesn’t serve you. Here’re 7 things I do every morning to keep me on track with my goals.

64. And evening routine

A good night’s sleep prepares you for the next day, and your good night’s sleep depends on the way you spend your evenings. Make sure you find time to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Avoid screens at least an hour before going to bed and once there – read a book instead of watching TV.

65. Take more courses to keep you motivated

Take more courses to keep you motivated

Take more courses to keep you motivated

Changing your life and self-developing the lifestyle you want to have is great. But once pumped up to do stuff… how long does it take before you talk yourself out of it? To stay motivated, take courses that keep you inspired and give you extra ideas. Skillshare offers you free access to all of their amazing courses on their platform.

66. Have a specific action plan for achieving your goals

And when I say “specific,” I mean you should put down dates, timeslots, specific actions to take, and the outcome to follow. As specific as you could get.

67. Find your mentor

Find your mentor

Find your mentor

Having a mentor is great… even if he doesn’t know he’s mentoring you. All you need is to find someone to look up to, someone who inspires you and has achieved what you aim for. It’s fairly easy to find out how your mentor has achieved his goals and what took him there. Watch videos with him (if possible) to soak his manners and attitude. Follow his steps.

68. Be focused on yourself

Don’t be selfish, but stay focused on yourself. You have goals to work on and dreams of transforming into reality. Stay focused!

69. Stop wasting your time

Stop wasting your time

Stop wasting your time

Spending an hour every morning on your phone? Waste of time. Not listening to an audiobook on your commute to work? Waste of precious time. Watching three TV shows every evening? Waste of time!

Stop wasting your time!

70. Prioritize

The ability to prioritize and choose one thing to do over the other will lead you to success faster than any other strategy. We always have tens or hundreds of things we could do. But choosing to do the right ones – now, that’s the trick!

How to improve your relationship with your loved one

If you’re new here, here’s something to know about me – I have another blog – older than this one, and it’s all about love and relationships. We won the Best Relationship Blog for the 2019 award just two months ago.

Here are just a few pieces of advice I could give you for improving yourself and your relationship with your loved one.

71. Tell them you love them

No matter how long you’ve been together, you should tell your partner you love him every single day. Yes, he knows you love him. But he also loves the sound of it.

72. Go out on a date once a week

Go out on a date once a week

Go out on a date once a week

If that’s too much – once a month. You want to find some couple-time and spend it away from other family members (even your children). Here are 50 date ideas for you to try.

73. Tell them what you appreciate about them

Tell your partner what you appreciate the most in them. We all know we’re loved. But we want to know why. What makes us different than the others? What makes us unique? Why are we the chosen ones?

74. Always respect their choices

Respect your loved one's choices

Respect your loved one’s choices

Especially the choices you disagree with. Long-term relationships offer us stability and comfort, but they also make us a bit demanding toward our partners. We believe they should agree with our choices, and that’s not always possible. Respecting the other’s right to have a different opinion and make different decisions is what will make or break your relationship.

75. Give them space if they need it

Give them as much space as they need

Give them as much space as they need

This might be a little bit more applicable for women than it is for men. But if your partner needs some time alone – respect their wish. If you live together – give them some space and do your own things. Once they’re ready – they’ll come and talk to you.

76. Never go to sleep angry

I’ve said it before – my fiance and I have the agreement to never got o sleep angry at each other. Our love and relationship are more important than any argument, but it could be damaged by our ignorance and stubbornness to overcome our egos.

77. Hug for a minute every day

A very simple way to drastically improve your relationship in less than a month. It’s scientifically proven that spending one minute in a hug every day increases the levels of happiness and satisfaction in life. So, hug your loved one. Now.

78. Compromise

Learn to compromise

Learn to compromise

My neighbors are the sweetest couple you’ll ever see – they are in their 70s and being married for over 50 years. He is always busy working something around the house. She is very chatty and loves having fun of him. When I asked them what’s the secret behind a long-lasting marriage, they both said “Compromises.” You could read more about them and what else they told me here.

79. Never complain from your loved one

Whatever happens, keep it to yourself. Of course, we exclude cases of abuse – physical or mental. But if you’re going through a rough period, keep it to yourself. No one feels the way you two feel, and that makes people judge. The last thing you want is after you and your partner make up to hear your best friend asking you, “Are you still with him?”.

80. We’re not promised tomorrow

Have a good time together

Have a good time together

The last one of these love tips is a little bit trivial. But tomorrow’s not promised to anyone. So love your partner today. That’s all the time we have to express our feelings. Only today.

Simple ways to improve yourself and family relationships

It’s time to expand the world of relationships and include your parents and all of your aunts and cousins. Because yes, sometimes things get complicated there too.

81. Call your parents.

Call your parents often

Call your parents often

More often than you do now!

82. Host family parties.

I’m aware that you might have family members who come and forget to leave. Yet, host family parties.

83. Be supportive

Avoid judging and be supportive. Don’t be the family member with who no one wants to share anything. Be the one who always encourages people and understands them fully.

84. Never ignore a phone call from a family member

That’s all I have to say about this! Your family should always be before your meetings and office trips. You might change your job, but your family is tied to you until the end of this life.

85. Respect their personal space

Do you know that cousin who always gossips around and knows everything about everyone? The one that understands why some things aren’t her business?

Don’t be that cousin!

86. Treat them as if they’re strangers

Treat your family well

Treat your family well

There was a TED talk (I cannot find it again) where the speaker reminded the public that we often treat strangers better than our own family. We are polite and sensitive to their words. We try to please them and make them feel good around us. But we barely know them.

Why treating the stranger better than your family member?

87. Don’t let them boss you around

Obviously, they are your family, but they shouldn’t boss you around and think they have the right to decide what you do with your life.

88. Forgive.

Simply this!

89. Love them as who they are

Because they are your blood, and they will hold your back in harsh moments even if they beat you after that.

90. Keep your family together

Keep your family together

Keep your family together

Not everyone does it. And they should.

How to improve your life and career

91. Leave your job if it doesn’t make you happy

Get a new job that makes you happy

Get a new job that makes you happy

There aren’t many reasons to stay in a place you hate to be. Find something you actually like doing. Take courses and find a higher paid job or ask for a promotion. Change things around until you find your place.

92. Be there on time

No one likes it when a colleague is constantly late for work. Especially your boss.

93. The first 90 minutes of your working day

Use the first 90 minutes of your day wisely

Use the first 90 minutes of your day wisely

Robin Sharma teaches something very special in his books – to devote the first 90 minutes of your day to work on your main project and main goal. Doing that will help you transform your career and life in three months.

94. Ask your boss how to be better

Really! Ask your boss how to be of better service to your company. Trust me; no one else has asked him this. And if you do what he tells you to do you, soon you will achieve more than you’ve ever expected.

 95. Take extra courses

Invest in yourself and your future

Invest in yourself and your future

Want to change your career but not sure how to do it? Start by taking courses after work. Just.a few hours weekly could help you soon be promoted or change the workplace. Yes, it’s possible. Ask in the local university or check for online courses.

96. Reduce stress to a minimum

You could see I didn’t say “eliminate stress.” I’m well aware that there’s always some level of stress at work. But reducing it to a minimum must be your priority. If it’s not possible – change departments or even workplaces. Your mental health is more important.

97. Be friendly with your colleagues

Be friendly with your colleagues

I mentioned it a few times already: be nice to people.

98. Help others, but not if it prevents you from doing your job

There will always be someone who needs your help. Help, but be sure you don’t do their job. The guidance doesn’t equal “I’ll do it for you.”

99. Find your mentor

Find your mentor at work

Find your mentor at work

If you want to grow in your field, you will need your mentor. You could ask someone who inspires you to be your mentor, or as I said – your mentor might not even know he’s mentoring you.

100. Whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy

I’ve got this pinned on one of the walls in my living room. And I think it applies to every other group of tips on how to improve yourself. Whatever you do, just be sure it makes you happy.

Want to check the first part of 100 ways to improve yourself and change your life? Click here to see the post.

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