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30 Five-Minute Habits That Will Change Your Life In a Year

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Five Minutes Habits To Living Your Best Life? Yes, it’s possible!

Has your email inbox ever been a recipient of an email that includes “habit” in the subject line? How about “develop new habits”? Do you feel a bit overwhelmed by the hundreds of great things you could do to improve your life but have no time for them?

Well, this is the place where I introduce you to the five-minute habits that will actually get you on the right track faster than anything else.

What Are Five-Minute Habits?

Five-minute habits are habits that you can perform in five minutes or less. They are quick actions you implement into your daily routine and practice when you have only five minutes to develop a better life for yourself.

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How Will Five-Minute Habits Change My Life?


Thank you for asking! Before I had the chance to explore some five-minute habits, I was wondering the same.

How performing a habit for merely five minutes a day could have a big impact on my life? Are five minutes enough to perform a habit?

Short answer: Yes.

A few core ideas behind the five-minute habits will clarify why these types of habits might be the answer to your question of how to implement good routines fast and stick to them.

Benefits of Tiny Habits

The first aspect, which is also my favorite, is that the five minutes are only an excuse for doing something you procrastinate on for a long time and various reasons. Doing something for five minutes is a great way to “convince” yourself to perform that hideous task you avoid for the last two months (like cleaning the windows, for example).

The second reason to go for micro habits is that five minutes is all you need to get the basic benefits of almost any habit as long as you perform it consistently (where the one-year time comes in). This goes for gratitude journaling, stretching, and rolling your shoulders, for example.

And then there is the time limitation – the simple realization that we have many ideas to work on, even more tasks to tackle, and only 24 hours a day. By giving each habit five minutes, you actually fit more habits on a single day than you could in a week if you performed them for half an hour or more each.

How about having a 2-minute journal for all of the areas in your house that might require only two minutes of your attention but will make an overall contribution to a happier life?Click to Tweet

What Are Some Five-Minute Habits That Can Change My Life In a Year?

See below 30 habits that you could perform for five minutes, and some even less. They will have a huge impact on your life a year from now. It is up to you how long you will stick to each one of them, but I would give them at least two weeks before giving them up.

Also, feel free to expand or shrink the time, so the habit fits into your lifestyle.

Examples Of Habits You Could Perform For Five Minutes Or Less


1. 5 Minute journaling

That’s honestly all you need to benefit from journaling. Want to make things even more interesting? Have you tried this Five-Minute Journal that everyone loves on Amazon? It’s an answer-the-question journaling style that doesn’t allow you to waste time looking at the blank page.

2. Close your eyes for five minutes when you are stressed.

Many of us don’t have time for afternoon naps (mainly because our bosses disapprove of lying down on the desk in the middle of the office), but closing your eyes for five minutes when you’re trying to solve a problem for the last two hours, is a great way to unplug your tired brain and give it a few minutes of peace.

Closing your eyes for five minutes when you're trying to solve a problem for the last two hours, is a great way to unplug your tired brain and give it a few minutes of peace.Click to Tweet

3. Deep breaths outside

I recommend doing this in the early hours of the day and in front of an open window. If you have the opportunity to go out in the garden and take a few deep breaths for five minutes, it would be even better.

4. Tidy-up for five minutes.

Yes, our houses might need more than five minutes to look tidy, but if five minutes is all you have, that’s all you’re going to give. Do speed cleaning every morning for five minutes. It helps you prioritize and focus on either the messiest room or on the little bits and pieces rolling all over the place.

5. Plan the day

Do it in the mornings or the evening – it depends on what works best for you. Spearing a few minutes to plan your most important tasks and your focus for the day will actually improve your organization skills in just a few days.

Tiny Ways To Improve Your Life


6. Star jump

Okay, that’s one of the things you probably won’t be able to do for five minutes, so do it for as long as you don’t feel like dropping on the floor in the next second (my limit is three, but that’s workable).

7. Repeat affirmations

Five minutes of affirmations every day will create wonders for your self-development journey. Go for the same or a group of similar affirmations that improve your focus on your goals and dreams.

8. Learn a new language

Yes, you can do that in five minutes daily. I do it every morning, and five minutes is the minimum time I have to put in, but if I feel inspired, I could go to 10 or 15 minutes. And when I say every morning, I mean EVERY morning. It’s like having coffee – no questions asked, just pour in the new words.

Five minutes of affirmations every day will create wonders for your self-development journey.Click to Tweet

9. Brainstorm ideas

Daily brainstorming is one of the best ways to get things out of your mind and onto the paper. You will have a chance to create to-do lists out of the brainstorming or even start new projects. Once your mind learns that you write down every idea, it will start showering you with more and more new ones.

10. Work five minutes on a project you hate

You must be very lucky if you don’t have a project you just hate, and therefore, you procrastinate on it for the last few weeks. But if you are just a normal human being, then this five-minute habit is a great way to have your daily input on that not-so-pleasant-but-must-do project.

Examples of Micro Habits


11. Wait for five minutes…

You probably get a few emails a week that are just getting you out of your skin. Maybe it’s a talk you had with a colleague or received news from your partner that got you upset.

Wait for five minutes before hitting the reply buttons on any of those. In these five minutes, don’t think of the issue, take deep breaths, and focus on something positive.

12. Learn something new for five minutes daily

I love learning new stuff regarding blogging, so I give to that habit well over an hour almost every day. But if you don’t have an hour to explore new fields, five minutes is your perfect timing.

13. Read for five minutes

You might not be a huge book lover, and that’s okay. But if you’d like to change it, start with reading five minutes daily. In that time, you might go over a few pages and realize you want another five minutes.

14. Stretch for five minutes

You honestly don’t need more time to wake up your body in the morning or relax the muscles in the afternoon.

15. Wake up five minute earlier

Do you have the dream of waking up early but struggle with the performance? This is where 5 minutes truly matter. Start in the first week by waking up just 5 minutes earlier than usual. Increase the time with another 5 the second week, and then add more. Keep adding five minutes until you get to the time you’re happy waking up at.

16. Put your feet up against the wall

Walking on high heels all day every day? This one is the perfect tip for you.

17. List positive words on a piece of paper

It improves your perception of the world, boosts your mood, and creates a positive mindset. You don’t have to stick to a topic, just go on and write down all of the positive words that come into your head in the next five minutes.

More Simple Habits That Will Transform Your Reality


18. Shrug your shoulders

Roll your shoulders forward and then backward for five minutes. It relaxes your tensed muscles, and you could even add your hands to make it a mini-workout.

19. Deep clean a tiny area in your house

Yes, your windows need a good wipe, but who has time for that (or energy)? Wipe one window a day. It will take you five minutes, and in a week, you’ll probably finish with all the windows in your house.

Other places around the house that you could clean in five minutes or less are:

  • washing the disposal bin
  • cleaning the sink properly
  • emptying and cleaning a drawer in any room
  • washing one (or more) doors from the kitchen cabinets
  • cleaning the table with cleaning solution
  • wiping the mirrors
  • changing the sheets in the bedrooms
  • tiding up the shoes area
  • and anything else that comes to your mind.

20. Listen to a guided meditation for five minutes

Relax. Close your eyes. Breathe in and breathe out. There are thousands of five-minute meditations on Youtube. Pick yours.

21. Reduce social media

Reduce your social media time by five minutes daily until you get to the point where you’re happy with the average time you spend on social media.

22. Reflect

Spend five minutes reflecting on your daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Five minutes are truly all you need to see where you stand with your overall personal growth and self-improvement.

23. Declutter your phone

Take five minutes every few days to delete all the photos you don’t want to keep, clean up the apps, and maybe even your social media profiles.

Five minutes are truly all you need to see where you stand with your overall personal growth and self-improvement.Click to Tweet

24. Declutter your computer

Same goes for any other device you use daily.

25. Browse some funny quotes for five minutes

They will boost your mood. Here are some picks of 100 funny quotes to make you laugh.

Got Another Five Minutes? Do This!


26. Talk to God/The Universe

We all need some quiet time to talk to the higher power above us. And that power could rarely have more than five minutes to listen to your problems, so keep it short (smile).

27. List the names of people you love

They make your life happier and better. Appreciate them daily.

28. Try a new time management technique

I gave you 5 time management techniques a while ago – have a look at them.

29. List events that made you happy

There’s no timeline here – list all of the events that you could remember. Now you have a reason to be grateful for your life.

30. Do any daily/weekly/monthly task that takes you five minutes.

There are so many things on your to-do list that will take you five minutes only. Attack one of them now.

Five-Minute Habits That Will Change Your Life In a Year

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