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5 Best Skillshare Classes To Take in 2021 for a Truly Better Year

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Skillshare Classes To Boost Your Self-Development This Year

Raise your hand if you had any of the following words as part of your New Year’s resolutions for 2021: self-development, education, learning new skills, improving myself, finding my purpose.

We all have them.

But let’s do something about those resolutions, shall we?

Sending away 2020 and preparing for a better 2021… Scratch that!!!

Who said 2021 will be a better year?

I’m not saying it won’t be. But I encourage you to understand that 2021 will be a better year for you only if you set the right intentions and put the hard work in to make it happen.

And that’s where Skillshare’s classes are coming to help you tick off your goals and get ready to make your dreams come true.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you sign up or make a purchase I might get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my business. See full disclosure.

What is Skillshare?


Skillshare is an online platform with over 5 million people on it, eager to learn new skills and improve the ones they already have. With over 6000 active teachers, Skillshare is the place for creatives who enjoy learning in small digestible bites and expanding their knowledge on different subjects.

What courses are on Skillshare?

Skillshare offers classes on almost anything creative that could come to your mind: drawing, film and video creation, graphic design, music, lifestyle, photography, writing, journaling, illustration.

But you could also find plenty of get-to-business classes such as organizing, productivity, marketing, social media, freelance, and management classes.

How Much Does a Skillshare Subscription Cost?

I got the annual membership with Skillshare, which gives you 7 days of free trial and $30 for the first year. I believe I got an ongoing offer for new members, as the official information is $99 when billed annually, but once you get past that point, the amount of money you pay gets down (not sure how long the promotion is for, so check for yourself here).

You also have the option of monthly membership payment which is $15.

If you use this link, you will get 14 days of free trial to explore all the classes. No commitments; you can cancel any time.

What Type Of Classes Am I Recommending You To Take?

Today I will recommend 5 of the Skillshare classes I already went through in the last week or so. They cover different aspects of your life you might be struggling with, but they aim to help you understand yourself better and work on creating your best life.

Ready to explore together?

5 Skillshare Classes To Take In 2021

How To Find Your True Self


See course here.

Emerelle is the lady who created this class – a very calm and peaceful face and voice that guides you through a simple exercise to find your true self – you know that Self we’re always searching for… like it’s somewhere else, on a bus stop, waiting for us to pick it up and give it a ride around our life.

Well, your true self might be a little bit closer to you than you could imagine, and this course will hold your hand while you realize the truth.

The course made me feel content and at peace with myself. It wasn’t declared to be a meditation, but that’s exactly how I felt after the exercise.

My quick notes on feelings I had while going through the course: calm, present, simple, gentle, it stopped the noise in my head. I felt assured and confident about myself, content, and mindful. I felt at peace, and I was one with my inner center.

Go through the course by clicking here.

The Beginners Guide To Getting Organised


Get access to the class here.

Are you planning to get organized in 2021?

Where to start and how to approach the huge to-do lists and all the projects that keep popping in your head exactly when you don’t need them (while you’re taking a shower or driving, for example)?

Carl Pullein’s class on Skillshare is going to help you sort all of that out. His course takes about an hour, but the value of his tips and ideas will exceed your expectations as it did with mine.

What can you expect from this class? Carl talks about the importance of being proactive instead of re-active. We live in a world of information overload, and unless we find the right way to capture and use that information, organize it and approach it when we need it, our tiny world will turn into huge chaos. As a result, you get overwhelmed and stressed, and we don’t need another year of stress and chaos.

Carl’s system is straightforward and functional. You can start using it immediately. His favorite tools are digital, but if you are a paper lover like me, you could organize it all in your personal paper planner.

The course is divided into digestible little chunks, and you won’t even realize when the hour is gone.

How did I feel while taking the course?

After the first two videos, I was hooked. Carl is speaking in a friendly, conversational manner. He will convince you that getting things done is possible, staying organized is possible and managing your personal productivity in a better way is actually not that scary.

Go ahead and check his guide to getting organized here.

New Confidence: Boost Your Self Confidence & Self Esteem


Get a free trial to watch this class.

This is a class by Alain W who has another 5 courses on self-development, building social skills, and learning the power of persuasion.

New Confidence is about how to build your self-confidence and self-esteem by changing your focus. Alain compares how a confident person would act and react in a certain situation and how a person lacking self-confidence (or with low self-esteem) would act or react in the same situation.

The course is well-packed with exercises on changing that self-destructive thinking and self-image. The tips are applicable in any life situation, and you can start practicing the exercises immediately. Alain teaches you how to be confident and how to build that independence a confident person has.

Interactive, resourceful, and catchy are my three words to describe this Skillshare class. I would definitely recommend it even if you already feel confident about yourself. There’s always at least one idea that will trigger your self-esteem growth even more.

Click here for the tips to build self-confidence starting now.

Silence & Curiosity: A Guide to Self-Reflection and Self-Discovery


Go get the class by clicking here.

This class is probably the one that captured my attention faster than all others. Stephanie Nehme talks of how to recognize and leave behind self-limiting beliefs that you’ve self-imposed.

Instead, you might want to explore every curiosity you have – the organic interest in a specific activity, art, career path.

Through curiosity and silence, you can find your passion, unleash your hidden talents, uncover your purpose, and find alignment.

The question I got in my head while going through the course: How can you know you aren’t good at something if you never took the time to explore it?

Stephanie’s course is captivating. She will help you overcome your inner resistance or inspire you to try new things and find that passion you might be in search of.

The course comes with a workbook with exercises that will surprisingly dig into your childhood and unveil the talents you forgot you had.

Interestingly, my everyday work covers almost everything I dreamed about as a little kid, and yes, I can say I live in alignment with myself and follow my dreams.

Want to explore more about yourself and uncover your potential? Check this course on Skillshare.

The Art of Self-Care: The Ultimate Guide To Wellness


Get a sneak peak to this class here.

Simple and presented in an esthetically pleasing way, this class will truly touch the basis of a life you enjoy living.

Gently, the teacher – Anouk Rose, takes you on a journey around your home and your inner self to help you make space for what matters.

The course is well-packed with ideas on routines and self-care attitude. You also get access to 5 different resources such as a self-discovery journal with questions, routine trackers, a meal planner, and a workbook.

The class is less than an hour-long, easily digestible, and inspires you to turn self-care into art you enjoy working on every day.

Ready to create a life of art? See the class here.

Conclusion on Skillshare Classes to Take in 2021

Okay, so these are the top 5 classes I recommend for a better 2021. I will probably add more classes to this list this year, so pin the image below to you favorite Pinterest board.

Ready to explore and expand your world? Start here.

5 Skillshare Classes To Take In 2021

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