50 Ways To Invest In Yourself and Change Your Life Forever

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Indulge in ways to invest in yourself as they will change your life

Today we are going to talk about the different ways to invest in yourself, change your attitude and spend some time, thoughts and (not so much) money on creating your happiness.

I’ve always believed that investing in myself is the one thing that gets me one step further on the journey of improving my life. 

And I’ve got 50 different ways to invest in your future best self.

I’ve spread them into five different categories: 

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Relationship Success
  • Work and Goals
  • Personal Growth

Let me start by assuring you – not all of the ideas require you to take money out of your pocket.

In fact, investing your time, your beliefs and your determination into certain things in life are far more important than investing money.

So remember, you don’t need to be rich to invest in a better self.

Let’s dive in.

Ways to invest in yourself- Physical Health

1. Cook healthy foods

Cook healthy

Cooking healthy has become a luxury nowadays. After a long day at work, all you want is to get the fastest food option around you and crawl to the sofa. 

But that’s not how you keep a healthy body.

Invest time in yourself – choose to spend half an hour in preparing something delicious and healthy. The satisfaction of your extra effort will make you feel so much better than getting that pizza on your way from work.

2. Eat regularly

Eat Regularly

Another investment we’ve stopped doing a long time ago.

Eating regularly isn’t a priority nowadays. But making sure your body gets healthy nutritious food three times a day with fruit snacks in between is the best investment ever. See if this gorgeous meal planner bundle could help you in staying focused on your health.

3. Exercise

When was the last time you went to the gym and used that subscription you made at the beginning of the year? 

There are countless ways to invest time and energy in exercise. You could go swimming, walking, doing aerobics, yoga, pilates, Zumba and so on. There’s a sport for you to enjoy. You just need to find it and fall in love with it.

4. Practice self-care

I am glad that more and more people talk about self-care and self-nourishment lately. Self-care makes you feel relaxed and ready to conquer the world in front of you. Here are some gorgeous ways to distress and look after yourself a little more.

5. Create good daily habits

As Og Mandino says, we are slaves of our habits, and if that’s true, we must choose the right habits to serve. These habits will actually serve us in the long run as they will determine our course in life.

So revise your goals and implement some good daily habits to serve them.

6. Improve your sleep

Improving your sleep

Screen time had robed us from good sleep many years ago. We stay up late and can’t fall asleep because of the amount of information we keep stuffing ourselves with.

There’s no time to unwind because we feel like staying on our phone is our reward for going to work, cooking healthy meals and going to the gym.

In fact, our phones distract us on the average of 80 to 300 times daily, the blue light keeps us hooked to the screen like zombies, and we keep looking for the best ways to relax and feel good. 

And while walking through our days wondering why we feel tired all the time, we forget that good night sleep is just one button away. Press it.

7. Walk around during your lunch break

Here’s a good idea everybody knows about, and yet, nobody does. 

I’ll give you another reason to go out more often during your lunch break. 

It’s vitamin D. Over 60% of the population of the US has vitamin D deficiency. As scientists say, we need to spend 2 hours daily outside with 40% of our skin exposed to the sun, so we get our daily dose of Vitamin D.

So, if you don’t spend two hours outside daily, you are most likely to be deficient of vitamin D. I was until recently and with the help of vitamin D supplements and daily walk outside, I managed to get back in the norm after two months. 

Normal levels of this vitamin will reduce your stress levels, it will help you feel more energised every day, it improves the health of your bones, and it could actually reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Go outside more often.

8. Detox yourself


We are continually intoxicating ourselves. It comes from the products we clean with, the creams and lotions we use every day, from the plastic bottled and containers we keep food and liquids in, and very often – from the food we eat (like it or not).

Therefore, detoxication must be your priority at all times. Drink more detoxicating teas and eat food that helps you detoxicate your body, so you could improve your metabolism and be healthier.

9. Do one good thing for your physical health every day

To track my work and lifestyle, I use a bullet journal. It helps me choose my focus for each month and log my personal success in it every day.

Recently I created a new page that says “What did I do for myself today?”. In it, I literally just draw 31 lines (the days of the month) and every day I use it to remind myself that I need to do something good for my health. 

No matter if you have a bullet journal, a standard journal, a gratitude journal or just a simple to-do list. Just find a way to stay focused on improving yourself daily. 

10. Reflect on your lifestyle and evaluate it

Reflect on yourself

One of the best ways to invest in yourself is to start by evaluating your life. Are you on the right path? Are your actions leading you in the desired direction? If no, what should change? How to make that change?

Mental Health

11. Pray more

Spirituality is one of the essential daily action we should take. Spend time by yourself reflecting on your spiritual path, ask for guidance, express gratitude, pray more.

12. Meditate

Meditation quote on ways to invest in yourself

Another step on your spiritual path. Meditation has proven to be beneficial for reducing stress, finding focus in life, improving mental health, reducing anxiety and depression and much more.

Do you have 5 minutes every day to invest in yourself? Choose meditation.

13. Start gratitude or a mental health journal

You might not know, but I’ve got another blog too, and the thing I keep talking about there is the thing I keep mentioning here too – gratitude

So, start a gratitude journal and keep a record of the good things in life.

If you already have such, add a mental health journal to it. Amber from ShineSheets has the most stunning mental health bundle I’ve stumbled upon so far, check it out here.

14. Do at least one act of kindness daily

Acts of kindness

The world is already filled with enough hatred an misery. Instead of choosing to ignore all that, do one act of kindness daily.

What is it going to be? Give a blanket or food to a homeless person, find a home for a puppy from the animal shelter near you, make the cashier in the supermarket smile, let the mother with two kids in front of you on the queue in the shop…

Do something nice for someone.

15. Have a mood tracker, sleep and stress tracker

Is there a connection between your sleep pattern, your mood and your stress level? Of course, there is. But the best way to see it for yourself is if you track it. Here are some great trackers that will help you find out how your sleep affects your mood. 

16. Make peace with the things you need to let go of

Moving on and letting go quote

There are many things you could invest in. But you should also consider the things you must stop investing in. 

And the surprising thing is, you don’t invest money in these things, but something much more precious and non-refundable – your time, your thoughts and your energy. Let people go. Let things go. Let regrets go. Let everything that doesn’t serve you well go. 

17. Practice more self-love

  • Soaking your feet in warm water;
  • Lighting up that aroma candle you have since Christmas;
  • Reading the book, you keep on your nightstand;
  • Spending some quality time alone;
  • Saying No when you want to say it;
  • Taking risks:
  • Laughing more;

All that is self-love, and it’s time for you to practise it daily.

18. Use positive affirmation every day

Louise Hay affirmation

If you’re looking for ways to stay on the bright side of life, start by using daily affirmations.

You could create them by yourself and in this way, they will be precisely what you need.

Alternatively, you could also take a look at some of Luise Hay’s affirmations as they have proven to be extremely powerful and meaningful over the years.

19. Dream more

People usually say that we shouldn’t fly in the skies and that we should have goals instead of dreams. And I agree with it but only to some extend. 

I believe that dreams exist so they could show us the world we could create for ourselves. Every path, every goal, every action plan and every step we take was once a dream we wished to fulfil. 

Dream more. And then invest in your dreams.

20. Find happiness where you are

Find happiness where you are

Instead of searching for ways to create a happy future, see your happiness today. It’s exactly where you are, waiting for you to notice it. 

Relationships Success

21. Be mindful when having a conversation with your loved one

Have you ever noticed that while you loved one is talking you are already thinking of your answer? Why? Instead, invest your attention into the conversation, you have time to answer afterwards.

22. Make time to socialise

Socialising is an important part of life. Nobody wants to be alone, so start by investing time to create friendships, connections and relationships with other people.

23. Spend quality time together

Paulo Coelho quote

When was the last time you spend quality time together with your partner? When was the last time you went out, and that didn’t include grocery shopping? Learn how to spend quality time together, go to watch a movie, walk after work, enjoy a picnic in the park, drive to a nearby city and explore it. Do something together.

24. Call your parents often

Should I say more about that?

25. Get your loved one a cute gift

We all love to be spoiled every now and then. Get your loved one a gift – something small, but meaningful to them or something they’ve wanted for a long time. Surprise them without reason. They’ll remember it.

26. Try to get to know your loved one all over again

Being deeply loves quote for love

We usually act like we know the people around us too well and they can’t surprise us anymore. But we also forget that we change. People around us change too — all the time.

I like to imagine I have to get to know my partner all over again. I ask him questions I’ve never asked him before or at least I don’t remember asking. I listen to the answers and dive even deeper into getting to know him. It’s a wonderful way to get the spark burning again between you two. Try it.

27. Say “I love you” more often

One of the things we forget saying after a while is the simple words “I love you.” Try to say it more often from now on. 

But don’t just type it at the end of your message or shout it out the door while leaving for work. Look your loved one in the eyes and really mean every letter. Think of what you love about him the most and let it bring sparkles in your eyes. Look at him and actually feel the love burning in your chest.

Say “I love you!”

28. Hug the people you love for longer

Another beautiful way to invest in improving your relationships with people you love is by simply hugging them. It’s proven that a hug that’s longer than 10 seconds reduces stress and increases overall satisfaction in life. 

Hug your people more for longer.

29. Send your loved one an encouraging message every day

Quote for husband

If the only type of messages you keep sending to your loved one consists of grocery products – you’re doing it wrong. Messages could be much more romantic than that. 

Encourage your loved one every day by simply sending him a few words of love and motivation. I’ve got 50 messages for your husband on my other blog if you need inspiration.

30. Know their love language and speak it

A lot has been written about love languages and the way they transform people’s relationships. Do you know your spouse’s love language? Find it out and learn how to speak it. 

Work/ goals/ career

31. Forget your phone exists while at work

Success quote on the ways to invest in yourself

Want to be different and others to notice you ate work? Stop checking the social media every half an hour and actually stick to your working schedule. 

32. Be polite with your colleagues

Ok, that one is maybe kind of logical. However, you might be a little bit rude to your colleagues and don’t notice it. Maintaining good relationships with the people you work with is essential in many ways. 

Firstly, you must be kind to everyone, no matter the situation, just because that’s the right thing to do.

Secondly, by maintaining good relationships with your colleagues, you automatically expand your reach to a better position, better clients, better attestation and a better future in the company.

So, if you want to grow – be nice to people.

33. Find a mentor

Invest in your future

Having a mentor is your main goal once you’ve chosen the right career for you. 

You could ask someone to mentor you – it could be a manager, a colleague or another professional in your area.

If none of that is an option, you could choose someone you’ve never met, but he’s master in your niche. He might have written books, gave speeches, interviews, and so on. Read their books, watch their performance, notice the way they see life, understand their values. That’s what mentoring is about, isn’t it?

34. Don’t do other people’s job

I know I said you must be kind and friendly with your colleagues, but doing their job isn’t either of it. 

Be aware of people using you at work. It’s so common and annoying. 

If someone is taking advantage of your skills and good heart, be polite but firm and next time you’re asked to take over someone else’s project, just say no. 

35. Go the extra mile

Robin Sharma talked about it once, and since then, I can’t get it out of my head. 

We live in a world where every service must be perfect, and we must get what we’ve paid for. But we rarely get more than what we wanted, right?

We go to the restaurant, and we get a “good enough” service by the waiter. We go to the shop, and we see the “polite” smile on the cashier face; she behaves just as well as she should. 

But people who get ahead in their career aren’t those who do just “fine” their job. The most successful people are those who do more than they should. It’s the people who go the extra mile to help their customers, improve their skills, push the business ahead. 

Be one of them.

36. Invest in your education

Education quote

If there’s one right way to invest in your future, that’s investing in education.

Improving your skills and gathering knowledge – that’s what’s essential when you want to shine at what you do. 

To be the best at something means to know more than it’s required to know. 

Invest in your education – sign up for extra classes, get books and so on.

37. Improve your skills

There’s one way to improve a skill, and that’s by practising it. 

If you want to be a good swimmer – you must swim a lot.

If you want to be good at sales, just go out there and start selling. 

If you want to be good at what you do – do it often, do it every day.

38. Ask for feedback from your manager

Asking your boss for feedback is rare. There aren’t many people doing it.

Therefore, you want to be the first.

In this way, you will get a direction to walk towards, and more so, you will indicate that you actually want to be more than the average worker in the company.

39. Enrol in courses

If there’a definition of the ways to invest in yourself, that’s it – invest in courses. 

It could be a course in the college or an online course with Skillshare; it doesn’t matter. If you want to do more – learn more. 


40. Attend seminars

If you have the option – attend seminars. They might not be related to your profession, but to help you in it. These are seminars on personal development, management, and so on.

Personal Growth

41. Read 30 minutes a day

This has been proven to one of the best ways to invest in yourself. 

Invest time to sit down and read for half an hour every day. It pays off greatly. 

Make a list with all of the books you’d like to go through this year. What would they be about? Professional? Self-development? Inspiring novels? 

42. Follow a successful morning routine

Morning routine as ways to invest in yourself

The importance of a morning routine is a topic I love chatting about. The reason? It has helped me build my business from scratch and now my fiance and I live from the income of that business. 

And it’s all because I found the best way to start my days. See these 101 good daily habits – there’s an excellent section with best morning habits in it. 

If you’d prefer to boost your creativity in the morning, see these 5 ways to do it here.

43. Learn how to manage your money

Being wealthy is a dream we all share. But it won’t happen unless you learn how to manage your money.

Read books, blog posts and talk to people who know how to manage their money. Invest the time and the effort to finally gain the knowledge on how to save money, spend less than you earn and pay off your debts.

44. Create a best-self vision board

Imagine the person you’d like to become. What would you wear? How would you behave? What would you do? Visualise yourself in the best possible light.

Create a best-self board afterwards. It could even be a Pinterest board if that’s easier. Dedicate it to yourself and the person you want to become. 

45. Get a hobby

One of the best ways to invest in your sanity, inner peace and future development is by finding the one thing (or many things) that gives you pleasure practising it all the time. It could be drawing, journaling, sewing, knitting, writing, fishing, hiking – it truly does not matter. 

Find your hobby; find your passion.

46. Learn new skills

Your personal development is closely related to improving yourself. 

No matter the level of your skills – there’s always room for improvement. 

Sign up for personal development courses, read books on the subject, get a Skillshare subscription, invest time in yourself today, so it pays off tomorrow.

47. Find your perfect way to distress

Relaation quote

If you often feel tired and exhausted, there’s a good reason behind it – stress.

It’s the disease we all have, and we must fight with it every day.

We all have different ways to relax and feel good again.

I love watching movies, working on my journals, reading books. My fiance likes going out with friends and having fun outdoors. 

What is your favourite way to relax? Do it often? Reducing stress is crucial for your happiness and health. Never ignore it. 

48. Plan your days 

I’m a planner junkey. I love planning, planners, to-do lists and all that goes with it. If there’s a plan to be developed, you bet I’ll have three different plans to accompany it, just in case.

And while I don’t recommend you get as crazy as me, I cannot skip the opportunity to advise you to plan. 

Plan your days. Plan your money spendings. Plan your goals.

Why is planning so important? 

For a start, it helps you evaluate your situation and see how far you’ve come. 

Secondly, it helps you prioritise and put things in order. 

Lastly, it guides throughout your day and helps you stay focused on what’s important.

Plan more.

49. Positive self-talk

No matter if you’d disagree with every other point on my list of ways to invest in yourself.

What I’d genuinely want you to do is to start being more gentle with yourself.

I have a handy rule and want you to adopt it: If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, why tell it yourself?

Negative self-talk is your biggest enemy, and you want to fight it daily until it gives up and leaves your head for good.

50. Explore more ways to improve yourself

Never stop searching for more ways to invest in yourself. 

There are opportunities around you, I know it. Look for them, explore them. Try different ways to improve your life and never give up – it’s totally worth it. I promise!

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50 Ways To Invest In Yourself

50 Ways to Invest in Yourself


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