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10 Habits That Make You Smarter

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How To Become Smarter Over Night Or 10 Habits That Will Make You Smarter

Well, I truly hope that after reading my 10 habits to become smarter, you will realize that nothing can make you smarter… overnight!

Increasing your intelligence isn’t a program you install in your brain and then just hit the apply button (The Matrix fans, anyone?)

Becoming smarter is a process that requires us to have daily input and work on our brain development. Being smarter is like developing a muscle – it needs you to work with it often.

65% of Americans believe they are smarter than average, and men are more likely to pronounce themselves as intelligent. (Source)

Looking from another point of view, becoming smarter isn’t a matter of choice but an inevitable result of developing and sticking to the right habits.

Today, we will talk over the top 10 habits that make you smarter if you have the patience to perform them daily.

The best part about these intelligence-friendly habits is that they are all within your reach and performing them depends on your dedication and motivation.

Ready to get smarter?

Let’s do it!

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10 Habits that make you smarter

1. Being Smarter About Your Online Time


Smart people manage their time slightly better every time they sit in front of the computer.

Time management is one of the most important elements of self-development. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get better at your job or if you’re on your path to a better lifestyle. Mastering your time is a crucial stepping stone. It creates the building blocks of your way to success.

However, in recent years time management has developed a completely new meaning. With the rise of social media, many of us have started to experience challenges managing our time wisely

Being distracted and even addicted to social media has been occurring more and more in our society.

And although being smarter about your online presence doesn’t necessarily mean cutting off all social media ties, managing your social media time certainly impacts your overall performance.

A great way to start is to not look at your phone right before bed and right after waking up. Establishing this kind of boundary helps to keep the balance between positive and disruptive online habits.

Managing your online time wisely will certainly make you smarter, therefore cultivating this habit is the key to unlocking your potential. 

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2. Consuming New Information


However, contrary to some opinions, the internet isn’t just this toxic place that we must avoid at all costs if we want to improve our brains.

While there are still many experts critiquing the impact of Google, Wikipedia, and other online tools and labeling them as disruptive, some researchers claim the opposite.

The internet’s an enormous source of information, and if used correctly, it could have a positive impact on our well-being. Digitalization enables us to become experts at some activities.

For example, listening to podcasts, enrolling in webinars, watching documentaries, joining online courses are all fantastic ways to improve your mental capacity.

What do you think so far? It doesn’t sound so scary to become more intelligent, does it? Let’s see more habits that make you smarter.

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3. Learning a Language


If you’ve ever wondered, ‘How can I become more intelligent every day?’ then you have the quality to stay curious. And that’s a good thing.

Searching for ways to develop yourself is the first step to becoming smarter. And a fantastic way to do so is learning a new language.

The benefits of learning a new language are countless.

From a practical point of view, communicating with more people helps us connect with the world easier. But it extends to more than just communication advantages. It also improves thinking skills and memory abilities.

By exercising your brain’s language sectors, you can develop new areas of your mind and straighten your brain’s capability to focus. Spending time to learn a new language is a great habit of increasing intelligence.

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4. Developing Reading Habits


We all know that reading is important and that we should develop reading habits (if we don’t have any already). Therefore, it has its own spot on the list of habits that make you smarter.

But why is reading so important exactly? What’s all this excitement about?

Well, for starters, it has been proven that reading keeps our brains sharp, gives us new ideas, and it’s beneficial for keeping creative thinking.

Also, reading helps to improve concentration. It will create and maintain a healthy environment for your brain to flourish.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you must consume brain-boosting self-improvement materials and texts every day to become smarter. You can juggle between fiction and non-fiction, and still benefit.

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5. Staying Physically Active


You’ve probably heard the saying “a sound mind in a healthy body.” Well, it goes both ways. You can’t expect your brain to be at full mental capacity and treat your body poorly at the same time.

Staying physically and mentally healthy go hand in hand. There are numerous ways in which exercise can make you smarter.

For example, it gives you energy – regular physical activity boosts endurance and helps you think clearer. This way, you can generate ideas easier and sharpen your focus and improve your brain function.

Exercising also enhances your mood, helping you to react better in stressful situations. It releases serotonin, which prevents anxiety and lowers stress levels.

Staying physically active also increases productivity by improving memory. And the more productive we are, the more we feel engaged to keep on with whatever’s next. 

6. Exercising Your Mind


It’s important to exercise your body, but it’s equally vital to exercise your mind.

Brain exercises are particularly useful for keeping your mind sharp. Also called ‘neurobics,’ those cognitive exercises stimulate your brain, prevent memory loss, and improve memory recall.

By enhancing brain plasticity, neurobics allow it to become more adaptable to change. Neurobics develop your mental capacity and are brilliant for stimulating your brain.

Doing neurobic exercises every day is a simple habit that makes you smarter. It doesn’t take much time and actually quite fun.

For example, you can start writing with your non-dominant hand, try ear pinch squats, or shower with your eyes closed. Still, remember to set a realistic goal for practice. Start small, with just one per day, and stay consistent. These exercises reprogram your brain, and you need to be patient if you want to see results.

7. Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone


If you want to be successful, you have to develop the habit of escaping your comfort zone. Saying, watching, and even eating things that you already know is a coping mechanism for every person.

We tend to stick to what’s natural to us, especially when things get stressful. And it’s difficult to break free from that space even when we know that it’s probably degrading. But consciously choosing to seek for the unknown is a habit that will make you successful. 

Pushing ourselves to engage in activities that are unknown to us is the right path to getting smarter. It not only improves our inner strength but also helps to build confidence.

Confidence is not something we’re born with. It’s something that we develop based on our habits. And if you manage to develop the confidence you can reach your goals, your achievements will follow shortly. Getting out of your comfort zone also makes you more adaptable to change.

Staying fearless about conquering new territories opens up new possibilities for growth, and it’s essentially what makes you intelligent.

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8. Learning to Play a Musical Instrument


Music changes how you feel and how you feel changes your cognitive ability.

But the belief that music makes us smarter isn’t a recent hype. In the 90s, the concept of ‘the Mozart effect’ started gaining popularity. After proving that listening to Mozart sonatas increases student’s IQ scores, people embraced the idea and used music as a tool for increasing brain activity.

Some even played classical music to their babies, thinking that it’ll make them smarter when they grow up. 

But while many experts still argue if listening to music actually makes you smarter, there’s no doubt that learning to play a musical instrument has long-lasting cognitive benefits.

The brain advantages of musical training include decreasing anxiety and stress levels and even improving blood flow to the brain. Listening to music could improve some brain functions but learning to play a musical instrument makes you intelligent. It also requires persistence and consistency.

If you make it a habit to play for half an hour every day, you won’t just get better at it – you’ll maintain a healthier environment for your brain to grow.

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9. Knowing How To Recharge


Overworking doesn’t always ensure success. Sometimes it leads to burnouts.

And since your brain is involved in everything you do, like any other body part, it needs to be cared for, too. In order for it to work better, you need to provide it with an opportunity to recharge.

Making time to rest is a vital element of self-development. Your brain needs time to process what it has learned.

A great way to rejuvenate is to set aside 10 minutes before bed or after you wake up for meditation. You should spend some time with yourself with no external stimuli to bother you. This will improve your brain function, and it will provide a setting for your brain to perform even better.

Dedicating some time to your self-care is a simple habit that makes you smarter. 

10. Making Time To Reflect


Reflecting on your day, week, month, and even year is something that many people underestimate and it’s often a neglected habit.

In the demanding 21st century life, it’s important to take a step back every once in a while and think about what you’ve been through.

You have to give yourself credit for all your improvements and achievements. It’s also equally important to notice your mistakes and doubts.

Self-development is a process, and every step of the way is crucial.

It’s fantastic to keep up with your goals. But it’s also necessary to distance yourself from the fast-paced reality and think about your situation objectively. 

Ask yourself these questions: Am I on the right path? Do I need to change anything? What went good and what needs to be improved? What do I appreciate the most?

A great way to answer these questions is to start journaling. This habit has been proven to have a positive impact not only on people’s overall performance but also on their mental health. Making the time to journal is essentially a habit that makes you smarter. 

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Conclusion on habits to increase intelligence

Here they are – the 10 habits that make you smarter.

Read more, avoid social media when it’s not good for you, and use the Internet to your advantage. Don’t forget to reflect on your thoughts, life, and plans, put those brains into work as much as possible, exercise not just your mind, but your brain too.

Most of all, have the confidence that the mere fact you want to become smarter already puts you ahead of many others who believe they already know everything and learning new life skills is lame.

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How To Become Smarter Over Night Or 10 Habits That Make You Smarter

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